Builders Fantasy II

by Gotrax
Builders Fantasy II
Come and build a life for yourself [More]

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Version 3
Date added: Jan 13 2010
Last updated: Feb 2 2013
Last played: Jul 25 2019
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Hey guys im sorry theres been a save error in the game which makes the game not auto save because we are trying to host in a different way, but the bug is now fixed

Welcome to Builders Fantasy II, Owned by Sara13243

For those who do not know, Gotrax was the owner but he has given me this game so I am the new owner, Sara13243

In honor of the first Builders Fantasy, I give a player named Sharp just about all the credit for making just about all the files, icons, and codes used in this game.

If you've played Builders Fantasy I, I'm sure you will recognize this game a lot. This game is an exact replica of BF 1. The purpose of this game was to be able to play and manage the same great game, but be able to fix any major problems that came up. Many have tried this, but finally this has emerged and hopefully you will all be able to find an enjoyable experience on BF2.

Builders Fantasy 2 Rules:

Player Rules:
1). Cursing is fine but please do not over do it.

2). Do not be disrespectful

3). You may only attack others in certain areas.
The areas you may attack eachother will be in the player kill zone.

4). When you battle another player, do not punk
on them. This means to not keep killing the same
player over and over again. It gets very annoying.

5). Do not build in towns and other certain areas.
You may however build a gold mine in a store if
you need gold but you must delete it as soon as you
are done.

6). Do not trap people

7). Do not abuse bugs, let me the owner (Sara13243) or my equal partner (Zaladus) know of any bugs or errors in the game.

8). Do not ask to be a staff member. If we want you as a staff member we will let you know.

Staff Rules

1). Follow all the player rules

2). Do not abuse your powers

3). Do not act like your better than everyone just
because you are a staff member. Your job is to make
sure everyone keeps to the rules.

Punishments are warnings, mute, jail, boot, and ban.
The punishment is at staffs decision of how bad
the rule was broken. If you feel that you are
getting an unfair punishment, speak to me the
owner (Sara13243)

Builders Fantasy Benefactors:

Jessica + Emily Clossey (Queen Miyu) - $50

Game Hierarchy:

Owner: Sara13243, Zaladus

Co-Owner: None

Head Administrator: None

Administrator: No Administrators

Head of GMs: None

GM List in order of rank:


Moderator List in order of rank:

Temp List in order of rank:

No Temps

Special thanks to Patrick Garber for hosting BF for years now. This would not exist without him.

Questions? Comments or Concerns? I'm hoping that any issues will be resolved in the forums. If anyone has any type of animosity towards Builders Fantasy II, it's staff or even it's owner, we want to hear what you have to say so we can keep a very proactive and synergistic environment.

Please Help Support BFII! The staff works as hard as it can to make the game an enjoyable environment. All of us have done our part in pooling together money and working towards a better future for the game.

Any donations to our cause would be a MASSIVE help and appreciated greatly! Donators will have their name posted on the hub with the donation amount if you so choose.


Heart23: (Dec 6 2020, 10:42 pm)
really miss this game. id love to play it for old times sake.
Raiden73: (Jun 10 2016, 9:18 am)
If I had the host files, I can try hosting it 24/7. :D
Malenale: (Jul 19 2014, 4:44 pm)
long time no see everyone
BRAT: (Jul 10 2014, 2:03 pm)
was wondering if this game will ever be back up i really want to play i miss it
Adamkad1: (Feb 11 2013, 6:19 am)