Pokemon Legacy

by GreenShaymin
Pokemon Legacy
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Date added: Mar 1 2014
Last updated: Jun 4 2014
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Hey, the server has been coming up from time to time! Not really 24/7 but up allot! Also, I regret to inform you that the host files WILL be taken down. This game is no longer downloadable for other players to host.

Okay, I've been talking to some friends. They told me I should restore Pokémon Legacy. I will do so, but I cannot upload the host files. Also I am working on my other game too that got accepted on the last day of my member-ship... *Crys* If anyone here wants to support me by gifting me 1 month members, thank you. :3

Hey there, I know it's been awhile. But... Yeah, I just want to know if you guys want this game to be continued, or just leave it up here for anyone to download, and not updated. Which do you guys want?

Okay, the beta server is up! Just don't logout on the login screen! That crashes the server

Alright guys, I know I said I'd host Pokémon Legacy, but there are some probloms in the login. So please hold on! :3

Bad news... I cannot host Pokémon Legacy. Whenever I try, it lags my laptop. Now we all know laptops don't have a strong CPU. So that is one of the main reasons why I can't. But the game is avaible to play offline, and if you guys feel like hosting a server. Go ahead, you are allowed.

Okay, hey. I just came back from a trip to my grandma and find out my host doesn't want to host anymore. Also I have been getting complaints that it was not join-able, so that means we are back to looking for a 25/7 host! Sorry, I'll try to bring my server up whenever I can!

We now got a 24/7 host! Hazar! Come and join the fun!

Well, no more lag! I added an a auto-reboot to prevent lag!

Okay, so were adding X and Y Pokémon, but I need to find all the sprites. So yeah, untill then. Don't expect all the Pokémon and their evloved forms.

The server is temparly down, and won't be up 24/7 until I can find a 24/7 host! It will be up from time to time. Sorry!

We are looking for a 24/7 host for this. If you think you are up to it, please give it a shot and we will code you in as our main host.

This game was made by Kozuma3 and have been passed down to me by him. So I will continue his work, and he will remain to have his adminstator verbs.

-Added auto-reboot
-Fixed Some Private commands
-Added List Moderaters
-Removed who verb
-Added who tab
-Added X and Y starters
-Added Trade System
-Added Sylveon
-New Save Proc
-Fixed Creation Screen
-Added Private Chat Boxes
-New Skin
-Multikey Limit

Requsted Updates:


Gym Leader: 3 Level 40-100 of the Gym Leader type
Elite 4: Have all the badges with 4 Level 100-200 Pokémon of the type they wish to be
Champion: Have all badges, defeated the E4, and have 6 Lv. 200-400 Pokémon of same type.

GreenShaymin(FireStar) - Backup Host (Server: USA)

1. Do not advertise.
2. You can curse, but please keep it down. Kids might be playing this game.
3. Don't bother the GM's. We well come to you, ASAP.
4. Do not bug abuse, if a bug found. Please contact a GM.
5. Do not ask for admin! We well come to you if we think you are suitable.
6. Do not bug the Gym Leaders, they well battle when they can. But they have to have at least 3 battles per week.
7. Do not ask the Gym/Elte Leaders for a free bage/win.
8. Ignore Shawn Bravo, he can not read, let alone write.
9. Do not SPAM the chat.
10. Do not log off in the gym, if so... Please contact the Gym Leader/Admin.
11. Allison is the most cutest girl in the server.
12. Do not tell people to do bugs/hacks.
13. Do not ask the GM's for a free creation of items/pokemon.
14. We well give back your stuff, if you got bugged. So make sure you screen shot it, and don't bug us about it.

Recent Medals

Grass Gym Badge

Earned by Neliel Tu
Mar 14 2014, 1:06 pm


GreenShaymin: (Mar 18 2014, 1:08 am)
That most likely has to do with the host
Zero10100: (Mar 17 2014, 11:58 am)
when i reconnect i cant join back into game