Naruto:Orgin of Shinobi

by H4R4MBE
Naruto:Orgin of Shinobi
Every Naruto character has a orgin, where does your characters orgin start? [More]

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Version 1.0
Date added: Oct 6 2016
Last updated: Sep 27 2017
Last played: Oct 23 2020
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A Naruto game that's PvP and PVE based where you can make your own customized Shinobi in the Naruto world.You can rank up, become a jinchuriki or become evil and join the Akatsuki. There are various clans and you can even start your own clan and 4 different villages.

Come join we just wiped the game become the strongest ninja,raid villages Join the Akatsuki or become a kage or anbu or sannin and collect all nine tails beast to get The 10 Tails or Sage Of Six Paths Mode! Will you become the strongest ninja?


Narutodude57: (Mar 14 2019, 3:40 pm)
if you post the host files ill host a semi full time server