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by Harzar
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Version 6
Date added: Aug 28 2011
Last updated: Oct 9 2014
Last played: Nov 2 2013
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Pokemon Versus Hub:

Just a heads up this game will be back on hopefully today on the 8th of November 2012. I am currently trying to fix an issue which should be fixed by the end of today. I apologize for the trouble.
For the host situation, these are the following hosters.
1. Main Host: Harzar
*******NEW UPDATES*******
-To be added-

- Having all Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and some Unova pokemon for the game.
- Mapping until I get all towns with gyms + a few towns without gyms, as well as Victory Road (Pokemon League is SOMEWHAT complete).
- Items that will allow people to go to special areas to catch rare pokemon (won't be made until the first to working on updates are complete)

*Please note that we can use all ideas from you all. If an idea is accepted and is complete (or if you contribute icons that we currently require) we will get a reward (by choice of me, Harzar).*

Some of you might know me from this game since I was co owner, however at this time I'm the new owner. With the same features, programming and new updates that are coming soon, we hope to exceed this games features! Staff Members (Both as Programmers and Non Programmers) are the following (from top to bottom is ranked from highest to lowest):

Harzar: Main Owner

Zero: Owner

Ruby: Co Owner

Reshiram: Head Admin

Destiny: Head Admin

Current --Official-- Gym Leader (GL) List:

1. Grass: ____

2. Fire: ____

3. Dragon: ____

4. Flying: ____

5. Ice: ____

6. Ghost: ____

7. Rock: ____

8. Water: ____
Current Elite Four (E4) List:

1. Alpha: ____

2. Omega: ____

3. Delta: ____

4. Beta: ____

5. Champion: ____
Contest Judge:
1. ____
2. ____
3. ____
Names that have nothing written other than ____ will be decided by Harzar. If you have any questions just ask the staff and they'll hopefully be more than happy to assist you.

***RULES*** Not following these rules will eventually result in a ban. Please note you get a total of 5 warnings, after 5 warnings the following punishments will be made in the following order: 1. Mute 10mins 2. Mute 1hour. 3. Mute 2hours 4. Ban 2hours 5. Ban 24hours. Bans will keep going. Warnings will be reset each month. PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE CERTAIN EXCEPTIONS WHICH COULD RESULT IN A PERMANENT BAN!!!:

1. Swearing is allowed to a certain extent:
a) Certain words have been blocked.
b) Any swearing to players (or worse to a staff member) will result in a warning (2 warnings to Staff).

2. Any tampering with the game will result with the following punishements:
a) Crashing the game will result in an automatic permanent ban.
b) Bug/Glitch abusing will result in 18 hours in jail.

3. Asking for GM in any way will result in the following order of Punishments:
a) 2 warnings.
b) 1 hour mute.
c) 2 hour mute
d) 6 hour jail.
e) 4 hour ban.

4. Helping out for bugs helps the game out very well, but asking for stuff will just be annoying. I'll tell you that helping staff and myself out will increase your chances of becoming GM as well as getting other benefits. Bothering us will just lower your chances and will result in the following punishments.
a) 1hour mute
b) 2hour mute
c) 3hour jail
d) 6hour ban

5. Make sure that you don't beg. If you do so, than the following punishments will be delivered upon yourself.
a) 1 Warning
b) 3 Warnings
c) 2hour mute
d) 2hour jail

6. No threats or racial comments (of course doing so as a joke is tolerated... TO A CERTAIN EXTENT!). Abusing this rule (and sometimes priviledge) can result in 1st result +1 Warning 2nd result +2 Warnings 3rd result +2 Warnings, 4hour mute and 2 hour jail.

7. Respect in this game will increase your chances for benefits incredibly (Meaning both in event prizes & maybe even offered to become GM) depending on the situation, if you show no respect at all (especially to staff) the following results will take in affect:
a) 2 warnings.
b) 4 hour mute & 2 warnings.
c) 4 hour ban & if serious the deletion of your save file!

8. Killing other peoples pokemon continously will have an end result in a 2hr jail. If you continuously do so after jailing you will be resulted in deleting your pokemon no matter what kind!

9. If you spam and it affect me to crash I will ban you for 24hrs. If you don't learn your lesson i'm just going to permanent ban you. I can't stand it when people spam the game because that screws with my computer (this offence is tolerated a lot less than random game crashings).

10. FOLLOW ALL THESE RULES AND YOU'LL DEFINITELY GET A GOOD CHANCE FOR BENEFITS (read part of rule 6 to see what benefits you'll get). Results on not following these rules can lead between warnings to the deletion of your save file so please follow these rules and your benefits will keep on coming! Also if you bother a staff member enough they have my permission to exceed the punishments. If you notice that a staff member is abusing their powers, although I'll say when it's alright for them to abuse (for jokes and if they're just bored. No staff member has the right to abuse while you're playing unless both sides agree to use staff verbs on another player) talk to a game owner (Harzar, Drax, Zero, Alice or Resh) and we'll try to resolve the conflict to the best of our abilities.


Thank You & Enjoy the Game!!! :DD


Skyking99: (Mar 18 2012, 10:57 pm)
shes hate when i call her dude xD
Finland69: (Jan 31 2012, 2:42 am)
Gah, so there is now new host...
New GM's and blah blah :-o
Ichimaru_Jin: (Jan 17 2012, 11:16 am)
o.o so what happen to the game