by HawkEyeProductions
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Date added: Feb 10 2012
Last updated: Feb 11 2012
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A fan made game of one of the most popular manga, Tower of God. What secrets hold at the top? Want more power? money? fame? Well what you desire is at the top of the Tower of God. In God's Tower you must go through the following floors to reach the top of the tower and you will be granted your desire.

Features: Unique quest, including puzzles and challenges. No more boring grinding. :P

PVP;Climb the tower alone, or with a group of people you trust. Either way you will all be granted your desires.

Numerous amount of weapons! With bonus stat bonuses and customization.

Pet system!

And many more!!!

Currently in development...
Still looking for a team, just need a few more iconers and coders.

If your interested email me at [email protected]


HawkEyeProductions: (Mar 25 2012, 2:04 pm)
Yes email me at [email protected] TwoTon and Rudwh. Ill will fill you in on the details. I sort of took a break, because i had no help but im happy to start working on it again.
TwoTon: (Mar 1 2012, 5:45 pm)
One more coder eh? if you like Id like to help you guys out :D
HawkEyeProductions: (Feb 14 2012, 1:25 pm)
True but ive seen teams with 5 people and more. I just need atleast 1 more coder and artist, thats all. Wanna help?
Branks: (Feb 13 2012, 4:58 pm)
You ONLY have 3 people? That should be enough to handle an tire game... Any more and you'll be unorganized and fail.
HawkEyeProductions: (Feb 13 2012, 2:58 pm)
Now its in pre alpha stage. Im coding it right now I just started like a week ago. It will be open for testing probably in a few months. I need to gather a team , I only have 3 people including me. (and im the only coder) I will keep you posted though