Bleach: Destiny or Fate

by HeavenProductions
Bleach: Destiny or Fate

Currently Unavailable

Version 2
Date added: Sep 7 2010
Last updated: Nov 14 2010
Last played: May 7 2011
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Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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Bleach: Destiny or Fate

BDOF Staff

Main Owner:Heaven(HeavenProductions}
Head Admin:Vacant
Head Moderator:Suzuki Kisuke(Majorskillz)


Rule #1:Dont offer your services if your not telling the truth about your ability or abilities

Rule #2:No spamming of any kind moves or use of verbs this really benefits you to because the lag is usually caused by people spamming their moves and such.

Rule #3:Don't advertise game links in OOC or say if you want to tell your friend the link to another game say it in whisper also don't talk about any other games in OOC or say.

Rule #4:Be on your best behavior when conversating with an Owner or GM.

Rule #5:If you are arguing with someone and they say stop or just ignore you please do not carry it on because it makes you look crazy.

Rule #6:There will be given no special treatment to Players nor Gms because people have abused that privelage in the past.

Rule #7:Owners in everything will try to make the right decisions before reacting in an aggressive way towards anyone or thing.

Rule #8:If no one disobeys the rules then there will be no need for staff to discipline you

Rule #9:Disrespecting an Owner will keep you on a thin line of friendship and just pure hatred from the Owner and being hated by an Owner is not something you would want to be.

The Golden Rule:Enjoy Yourself!

Rank Requirements


Captain Commander:1,000,000


Vaizard Leader:900,000
Vaizard #2:800,000
Vaizard #3:700,000
Vaizard #4:600,000
Vaizard #5:500,000
Vaizard #6:400,000
Vaizard #7:300,000
Vaizard #8:200,000
Vaizard #9:100,000


Quincy Leader:250,000
Quincy Elder:200,000
Quincy #3:150,000
Quincy #4:100,000
Quincy #5:50,000


Sado #1:250,000
Sado #2:200,000
Sado #3:150,000
Sado #4:100,000
Sado #5:50,000


Inoue #1:250,000
Inoue #2:200,000
Inoue #3:150,000
Inoue #4:100,000
Inoue #5:50,000


Espada Leader:1,000,000
Espada #1:900,000
Espada #2:800,000
Espada #3:700,000
Espada #4:600,000
Espada #5:500,000
Espada #6:400,000
Espada #7:300,000
Espada #8:200,000
Espada #9:100,000
Espada #10:50,000


Oral123: (Jul 14 2011, 4:21 pm)
heaven do somthing i need ur bleach game!
Cameron12: (May 6 2011, 4:25 pm)
i cant go on it keeps saying connection failed on the thing wen ur first connecting to the game... And i know its not ban cuz ban u can still goto the game start menu but u cant start. so wtf?
Blizzard Wolffang: (Apr 15 2011, 6:47 am)
Yeah i want it 24/7 :)
Xneonswordx: (Nov 15 2010, 3:30 am)
aha you guys should try and make it online 24/7 i hate waiting for it to come back online :P