Naruto Shinobi Warriors

Naruto Shinobi Warriors
Naruto Shinobi Warriors, a Byond Classic started more than 9 years ago with Izou, passed down from Ghost-Nin, to Sindeas, to Shinobi the Flash, and now to Axel and Spev! [More]
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Date added: Oct 22 2011
Last updated: Jan 28
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Only Windows users can play this game. If you are using an emulator, enter the URL for the game in File | Open Location on your BYOND pager menu.

byond:// [The Last Server]
Hosted by Fun Death63

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Shinobi Warriors Reborn

NSW is currently being recoded by Spevacus.

Upon completion, the game will be publicly available for all.

Expect large changes, both to core gameplay and systems; but do not fear! The things that keeps NSW what you always knew and loved will not be changed!


Lance0141: (Jun 29 2017, 12:39 pm)
Hosting A New One: (Jun 28 2017, 1:26 pm)
Spev.. Shinobi.. You cheeky motherfuckers "oh yeah I'm spev I dunt lie I swear server will be up tomorrow" boy its been like two weeks what the hell.
Protoend: (Mar 7 2017, 2:24 pm)
When will the game go back up?
Juanaruto: (Dec 15 2016, 10:13 am)
Hey its Daizen here, id love for you guys to put this back up sometime. I wouldnt mine doing it myself if i could get the source and instructions. Cheers old friends.
My email if anyone wishes to follow up my comment.
SBLazlo15: (Nov 26 2016, 8:52 pm)
put it back up!!!