by IainPeregrine
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To download this game for your Linux/Mac installation, enter this on your command line:

DreamDownload byond://IainPeregrine.CasualQuest##version=40

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Version 1.40
Date added: Sep 19 2010
Last updated: Apr 11
543 fans

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A fast paced, casual, multi player action game with a little RPG touch [More]

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byond://BYOND.world.469473821 [Version 1.40]

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Ahoy There! This is a legacy version of Casual Quest. If you are arriving here from Google, you probably want to go to AntlerPig.com instead. If you're a fan of the BYOND game, check out the current project here:


There's a huge improvement in graphics and audio, and a new story and character. Cheers!


Welcome back to the world of Illuna, a small young planet with a history of strife. In Casual Quest, you and up to four other players must defend yourselves from hoards of monsters, progressing to the next wave only when every one of them is defeated. Combat is action based, and waves go by quickly, so feel free to jump in for a few rounds on your coffee break, and then let someone else take your place when you leave. If you're in for the long haul, you can start at wave 1 and see if you can survive through 140 waves to recover all the royal treasures. Up for a challenge? Start at wave 60 and hope for the best! With 35 classes, addictive and challenging gameplay, and a casual social atmosphere, Casual Quest has something for everyone.

Subscription Benefits

New subscriptions have been re-enabled. Get access to all tier3 classes.

Other Benefits

In addition to rewarding subscribers, Casual Quest also has several exclusive classes for other types of subscribers:

BYOND members start with an upgraded Adventurer who has a shield and a healing skill.

Regressia Subscribers start with a Hero who has a shield, higher than normal health, and a healing skill.

Hazordhu Subscribers start with an orc with flaming arrows and an axe.

Contact IainPeregrine via the forums if you would like to add custom content for your group.

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Queen's Emerald

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The Destroyer1: (Apr 12, 11:33 am)
i feel sad when i see people playing yet i cant join...
Sudzzuds: (Apr 12, 10:58 am)
Hm. I thought my labtop was good enough to handle streaming. Clearly not. I tried :(
Sudzzuds: (Apr 11, 3:58 pm)
Now it does have the Subscribe option, and it says:
Six months - $6.00 (Only option)
IainPeregrine: (Apr 11, 3:42 pm)
I tried redoing it. Try again?
Sudzzuds: (Apr 11, 3:00 pm)
I can confirm what Writing's picture - I've logged into my Non-Sub account, and I don't see the "Subscribe" option that there used to be on the top, and when I follow the Subscribe link in the Help page, it brings me to the page Writing has given.