Project Cress

by IainPeregrine
Project Cress
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Version Internal 0.0.1
Date added: Aug 8 2017
Last updated: Jan 20 2018
Last played: Oct 7 2017
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This is my project for the 2017 MakGam

Sadly, it was too ambitious, so what you get here a couple of fleshed out systems and no game.

Project Goal
The goal for this project was to create a multiplayer persistent world action RPG with a world editing mode for the host - ambitious, I know! The host would start with 1 square plot of land ("back to square one") and unlock more as the players completed milestones. The host would also be able to edit map tiles (turfs) or add larger features by spending points accrued by player action.

How to test the systems

Map Generation
Start the game. After a brief series of diagnostic messages, you'll be prompted to save a png file. This file is a map of the procedurally generated world, and can be saved or discarded.

Changing Mode
Start the game. You will be in RPG Mode. Double click yourself (the blue smile face) to go to Town Mode. Double click yourself (the floaty eye) to go back to RPG Mode.

Movement / Unlocking
The game world is divided into plots of land that take up one screen each. Walking to the edge of the screen in RPG mode will take you to the next plot of land, if it's been revealed. While in Town mode you can click any unrevealed plot to reveal it. (Unrevealed plots have a checkerboard pattern; outside the boundary of the map is black).

Inventory / Equipment
Items are randomly generated on the world map. Touching them while in RPG mode will cause your character to put them in inventory. Press the Tab key to open or close your RPG menu. While the RPG menu is open, you can equip items in inventory by moving the blinking cursor and then pressing space.

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Logged into the fucking game hell yeah

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Logged into the fucking game hell yeah

Earned by Zaltron
Dec 24 2017, 12:03 pm