Sins of Ryuu: The Awakening

by Inferno741
Sins of Ryuu: The Awakening
A dragon game thats currently being worked on. [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 1
Date added: Jul 5 2009
Last updated: Mar 14 2012
Last played: Nov 12 2012
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Game Owner:


Do not kill eggs.
No spamming.
No racism.
Do not disrespect admins.
No caps in OOC.
Guild Names Have to be in Normal Font Size or Smaller.
Do not advertise on this game.
Do not advertise this game on other games.

Admin Rules:Do not abuse.
Do not give relatives a advantage over others just cause you are related.
Admins must follow the Player Rules aswell.

If you'd like to ask me any questions:You can ask me at my email [email protected]

Thank you,


In order to choose your Power you will have to talk to the Mother Dragon
Each Power has different effects. They have a 50 50 chance of activating
Fire: Fire attacks will be able to cause burn damage.
Water: Water attacks will be able to heal if attack user wanted.
Wind: Wind attacks will be able to shoot faster.
Earth: Earth attacks will be doubled.
Grass: Grass attacks will be able to suck players health away.
Darkness: Darkness attacks will cause players to go blind.
Light: Light attacks will blind players.
Electric: Electric attacks will be able to stun players
Ice: Ice attacks will freeze players.
Poison: Poison attacks will cause decreasing health over time.

Please, don't bug me for staff.

Credits go to Fresh,SadoSoldier,Keiko-Bunny,Muffin,Setsuna,and Azazel,Zengetsu,Spelldeath For their Helping.I also give credits to the Rpg Maker for the dragon icons and for the turf icons and music.


WeLlIsOn: (Aug 27 2012, 5:45 pm)
Ccano24: (Aug 8 2012, 6:32 am)
I like the idea of this game, it has alot of potential. I hope u continue updating this game!
Inferno741: (Aug 1 2012, 10:55 am)
holy poo i got comments 0.0
Thendlevi: (May 28 2012, 3:36 am)
i like the idea for this game its great
when will there be skills?
please keep me updated, plz and ty
Chrono69: (Apr 4 2012, 6:10 am)
and fix your dam game bro im dead on earth and pet attack inventory is messed up a lil like i have unlimited chickens u should really consider on making some1 GM admin moderator wat ever the case may be buddy we need those in this game if you want this game to prosper i has potential just stop slacking i have to say it like that cause i play this everyday and i havent seen anything done yet