Capcom Vs. Square Enix: Heavenly Fist

by Inferno L Flames
Capcom Vs. Square Enix: Heavenly Fist
A clash of to end them all [More]

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Version 0.0001
Date added: Dec 3 2010
Last updated: Aug 31 2011
Last played: Aug 31 2011
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This game was forced to be scraped. If you can find me like 5 or 6 good dependable and fast spriters I may revive it!

New Project from Inferno Productions.

Planed Cast of 60 characters.

Fight 2 on 2 Battles with your favorite Capcom and Square Enix characters. (Control both characters)

Plays like a traditional fighter.

Find an opponent by filtering and go for big points and reputation in rank matches.

Play against those in your friends list for fewer points for fun.

Simple concept with huge cast.

Become a pro or just play for fun.

Tournaments every 7 hours.

Game Mechanics Include


Basic Attacks

Back Blocking(Hold Back to block)

Low Mid and High attacks and blocking

Guard Crushing


Team Specials

Traditional Jumping Physics (either jump straight up an arc backwards or an arc forward)

Real Charge characters such as Guile and M. Bison


Lastairbend17: (Apr 5 2011, 7:39 pm)
ok good also when is this going to be up
Inferno L Flames: (Mar 18 2011, 9:39 pm)
They are on the Roster yes
Lastairbend17: (Mar 18 2011, 9:25 pm)
is there KH characters in this game