Guardian Units of Nights of Uvyral

by Inferno L Flames
Guardian Units of  Nights of Uvyral
The revival and remake of Super Shooter Brothers! [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 0.48
Date added: Jun 8 2005
Last updated: Jul 14 2008
Last played: Dec 15 2011
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Super Shooter Brother is being remade with a new name and a new game style. Join this action packed shooter as you blast your way to the top.

Guardian Units of Nights of Uvyral
GUN for short or


~Inferno L Flames (Me)~
~Game Sage~

~Inferno L Flames~
~Game Sage~
~Silent Shadow 1991~

~Inferno L Flames~
~Game Sage~

~In Game~

2 Real Stages(One may be remade)
New Game Interface
5 Game Modes
-King of the Hill
-Scored Match
-Timed Match
-Free Roam

7 New Guns
-Shiru Rifle
-Over Shot
-Septa Buster
-Venom Rifle
-Sun Gun
-Wish Burner
-Night Piercer

New Gun Overlays
New Stats

New Items
-Jump Boots
-Exploding Orb