Dragon Ball Z: Inflikted Soulz

by Inflicted
Dragon Ball Z: Inflikted Soulz
Ready for ACTION!? New and improved, DBZ-IS, Constantly updated in thanks to Mathinic! [More]

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Date added: Jan 7 2008
Last updated: Sep 4 2011
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Welcome to Dragonball Z: Inflicted Soulz.

This game features many neat implementations not seen in any other DBZ games, such as unique housing systems, flying combat, custom ki attacks, and much more great stuff! Please, do not hesitate to come in and enjoy the fun, hosting is 24/7 with virtually no downtime! No random player wipes, and an awesome staff! If you'd like to have fun, and be immersed in an awesome Dragonball Z game, Inflicted soulz is FOR YOU! Updates are now constant, and don't be surprised when some MORE secret transformations come into play! Unique iconning for many of the characters, and before long all the maps are going to be completely revised! Come on in, and enjoy your stay, don't forget to post on the forums!

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Mathinic - [Contact Information Not Disclosed]
Inflicted / Fury9800 - Inflicted

Graphic Artists / Icon Designers
Static - Static

Inflicted / Fury9800 - Inflicted

Mathinic - Co-owner

Player Rules

1- Do Not Death Avoid - Logging off to Avoid Dieing.

2- Do Not Filter Avoid - Avoiding DragonSpy. {Mute}

3- Do Not ask for Gm - Whispering or Anything. {Mute}

4- Do Not ask for edit - Whispering or Anything. {Mute}

5- Do Not Speed Hack - Speed Gear. {Wipe}

6- Do Not use Racist Language - Such as Color or Ascent. {Ban}

7- Do Not abuse bugs - Such as a Walking Train bug. {Boot-Wipe}

8- Do Not kill in Safe Zone's - Such as the House by Yamcha. {You will be Pwnt}

9- Do not abuse Admin Help or Bug Report - Such as saying "hi am noob gm plz~!". {Warning-Pwn}


.84-.85 BY MATHINIC(give him your thanks) - Wednesday, November 18th 2009
~~~~~~~ :New Feature: ~~~~~~~~~
-as well as a multipler
-Sound explosions are heard when you are hit by ki attacks
-(with the option to turn it off.)
-Ki skill is now ki defence / resistance.
-Some attacks have additional use
-Dragons get their own custom moves
-and don't make cell juniors anymore.
-Human icon now has an absorb state
-All homing attacks now dodge able
-Scouters now smash with large PL reading
-x100 Kamehameha has new icon glow animation.
-BBK has lines removed
-SSDB drawn better
-Many more attacks changed in appearence
-(some from source, some drawn by Mathinic.)
-Scouters given a comparison chart
-Scouters now show a % of PL remaining
-gain exp after defeating someone in an arena match
-New drawn explosion effect thats animated
-Damage for all ki attacks is now displayed

~~~~~ :Update/Upgrades: ~~~~~~~
~Chucked in a white belt at the shop.
~Rules and NPC EC's fixed
~ Q&A updated for those who like to ask questions.
~ Dual train now 25% faster then self train
~ Almost all attacks altered in ki cost and power
~ Most Revertables trans perms made stronger for fairness.
~ Kai's now are the strongest revertible
(due to them having unfair advantage with no boosts)
~ Makyos made stronger due to lack of boosts.
~ Demons slightly stronger for fairness.
~ Fusion SSJ4 is now the strongest transformation in the game.
~ fusion SSJ3 halfies close behind.
~ saybamen made stronger revertible for fairness.
~ Absorb now steals more Powerlevel from other players.
~ "Emote"(role-play text) increased to 255 letters
OOC increased to 255. (untested)
~ Dragon balls now have a 1 square pick up range
~ IT kills now prevented.
~ Saybamen acid bomb affects all karmas
~ Ugly dragon form changed due to popular demand
~ Added % of PL and Ki to vitals for easier math calculation
~ Kaioken can now go up to 100 for revertibles, and 200 for perms.
~ Simple rework Variable viewer for admins
~ Some of the E+006 texts have been removed.

~~~~~~~~~~ :Fixes: ~~~~~~~~~~~~
-Pikkon HT 1250 lv bug fixed.
-Yamcha no longer rips off your stat variance with tps.
-Several race icons fixed in states.
-Some Bugs that will remain unnamed are fixed.
-Majin trans fixed so revertible is stronger.
-Blue and black scouters fixed.
-Guild item money fixed, text changed from 750k to 1 mil.
-Sell bug fixed.
-Bojack states fixed.
-Run states fixed for some races that didn't have it.
-Kai revert icon fixed.
-Arena fixed, now with new pop up reasoning's.
-Also with option to fix yourself.
-Budokai cheat fixed
-Split form SZ kill fixed
-Fusion now won't have a double death
-Scanners now fixed to show every transformation state.
-When you are knocked out, you recover your powerlevel
-Same as above, but counts for arena challenge defeats.
-Fixed Hell storm for androids.
-Fixed experience gain through finishing another player off.
-Now you get Experience for killing a player with ki based attack
-Login text fixed, about false claims for member benefits.
-Some login overlays fixed.
-Spirit bomb / death ball / supernova overlay fixed
-Sence fixed and given more ranges
-Majins now get absorbs after Killing an NPC
-Majin transformation methods and procs fixed up
-Fixed spammable bugs,
-(those who try will have a very rude awakening)


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A2J2TIWARI: (Feb 2 2012, 3:18 am)
Is there any way the game can come up online? I miss everyone.
KingTodd: (Jan 26 2012, 1:03 pm)
i could host if i had the host files, im an experience hoster for multigames. hosted for byond since 2007. old user name was 1broly1 and new KingTodd. you can contact me on skype it is Kingtodd17 if you got the host files or interested, my specs for this computer:

CPU:Intel Quad core 2.33GHZ
Ram:7GB Ram DDR2
Graphics:Ati Radeon Hd 5570 1GB DDR3
Hard Drive:650GB
New Hosting Computer coming soon:
CPU:AMD 8 Core 3.6GHZ
Ram:16GB Ram DDR3
Graphic Card:ATI Radeon HD 6950 1GB DDR5
Hard Drive:1.5TB
Note: Im not 24/7 Hoster yet i host 12/7 a day.
Red ketchem a11: (Jan 20 2012, 7:15 pm)
no one wants to pla ywhen i do
Reymystreioandrvd500: (Jan 17 2012, 12:17 pm)
Please somebody host.