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War. Adventure. Love. Hate... Legacy. [More]

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Date added: Nov 23 2014
Last updated: Dec 2 2014
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Legacy takes place in a universe filled with Shinobi and Samurai. It's a roleplaying game loosely based on the Naruto manga/anime and contains an abundance of unique systems and areas to explore.

The options available to people through roleplaying are diverse and unique to the individuals. From a vast everchanging plot system filled with side stories and sub-plots to an endless supply of villains and event characters there is potential for legendary RP to take place.

Legacy goes by it's name. We're here to create a legacy. Make your name known, etch it into the history books as the greatest human to ever walk the earth.

Hero or Villain.
Shinobi or Samurai.
Alive or Dead.

What is your legacy?