Shinobi: Dawn of the Samurai

by Jen Aside
A freeform roleplaying experience with an emphasis on creativity. [More]

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Date added: Jul 30 2018
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Shinobi: Dawn of the Samurai

Shinobi: Dawn of the Samurai is a freeform roleplaying experience with an emphasis on creativity. Create your own character and enter an anime-inspired world where you can be whatever you want to be. Based off the original Illusions of Grandeur source, the game has undergone many updates to get where it is today, and will be continue to be regularly updated.

Latest Updates:

-Character creation has been re-hauled and uses a new visual UI.

-A day/night cycle has been implemented.

-Jumping is now possible.

-New areas have been added (Tetsugakure, The Tower)

-Revisions have been made to some maps.

Current setup:

7K RPP, 2K TPP (Pending)

Discord Link:

The story thus far...

A world of great potential wallows in its own disappointment. Forgotten by its creators -- their legacies long since turned to dust. Its inhabitants left to their own devices. For a long time there was no hope in this barren place. From the wars waged across the face of the earth, to the aftermath and the closing of a curtain on an era that they chose to forget.

Then came the monsters birthed from “gods” alongside human suffering and weakness, power hungry politicians, and the forgotten out-groups thrown into the mud. Far have these beautiful creatures fallen, lost in a world built by them, FOR them. It was at this time that the Earth itself weeped for it’s favorite children -- it’s black ichor bleeding from it’s reopening wounds. How sad it was to see people create these elaborate houses with their lives, only to burn it down at the sight of a chipped brick.

In this strange new world, the black market thrives, owned by a decrepit old man known as the Dictator. His gladiator pits are the main attraction for all those enthralled by the macabre desires of the flesh, meanwhile the nations squabble amongst themselves -- constantly fighting. Taken over fully at the thought of a bureaucracy where only they and their associates thrive, corruption has taken a seat in their minds, and chained their hearts.

Absolute power corrupt them absolutely.

The people are tainted with skepticism and an apathy that came just as naturally as their altruism and better nature -- something almost completely abandoned now. This world is washed up, tired, and many believe it is coming to an end. Communities are toxic, people squabble constantly when they interact -- leading to gangs and cliques around every corner, blind to how they each contribute to their own suffering. All of them like crabs in a pot -- too busy trying to get out to see that they’re all just kicking each other in deeper.

However, there is hope even in this gray place -- there always is. That is, after all, the only truly immortal thing that people can make naturally so long as they live. In a fertile land not yet claimed by any of the major nations stood a peculiar building -- a single tower stood between the borders of Konohagakure and Kumogakure. This tower was old, and weathered by time so much that part of the stone had begun to turn to hardened sand.

It was this place that the nations were fighting over, and it was here that a man staked his claim! This man -- otherwise known as the Young Titan -- stole this place from the tired, but victorious Konohagakure village forces with his small band of misfits. The people that followed him were men, women, children, and the elderly that had been ostracized by those they once called friends and family.

The Nones was the name of this army -- the unaffiliated to any current nation’s creed or belief; synonymous with the forgotten. These were the people that put their faith in the Titan in hopes that he could new breathe life into a tired world -- build a better one; to make a lasting change…

One they could be proud of.

This man was their only way to make sure that they could leave the world better than how they found it… or so they thought. It’s still too early to tell, but he shows promise as a leader, and they’ve done so much for him already. The question to ask, however, is what will they do if all is for nought and the Titan fails them?


Wynokx: (Jan 20 2019, 8:55 pm)
Do me a favor and take the Illusions of Grandeur name off of your game in totality? Thanks.