Soul Searching

by Jin150
Soul Searching is an RP game, with characteristics loosely inspired by Bleach. [More]

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Date added: Apr 1 2011
Last updated: Mar 6 2012
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I am in dire need of pixel artists. I am looking for "good" pixel artists, and if you wish to be part of the project contact me via pager on Jin150 or post in the discussion part of this HUB. I will of course, want to see some example of your work, and please don't be offended if you are turned down. Thanks in advance !

Soul Searching is a fan made game loosely inspired by Bleach lore. What I mean by this, is the combat side of this game is only one part of an expansive range of choices.

The title Soul Searching comes from the main idea of the game: To find your place in the world.

You start of as a Human, whom will live on one of four islands of your choice. Each Island has its own advantages and disadvantages. Those four islands are independant communities with differing life-styles, so each island will be a unique experience from the others. The islands natives choose how the relationship with the other islands plays out, be it friendly, at war, trading resources with them, etc.

All islands have multiple choices of jobs, and technology levels that require the players of the respective islands to research and create. You can take an island from a deer hunting tribe fighting with spears and fists, to a vast city-rich island with cars and aerial transport.

There will be a minimum of twenty hollow types(a type of race, for those unaware), zanpakutou types(weapons that define the characteristics of the Shinigami race type, for those also unaware of this), and espada types(again a race type). There will be other races also, such as Quincy, Fullbring, etc.
Nearly everything must be mastered by the player. From swimming, to farming, carpentry, to swordsmanship. The higher your mastery, the more benefits the respective ability yeilds.

Fighting combinations will be included also, so instead of standing around holding your "Attack" macro, you must adapt and use your strengths effectively against your enemies weaknesses. The combat system will allow for skill to overcome a raw power difference to an extent. Different fighting styles will be included so that each player feels a different combat experience, and each new character you create doesn't feel like a re-hash of your previous one.

These are just a few of the features included in game. My aim for this game is simple. Enjoyment. To achieve this I'm making the game as dynamic(I hate this word but its the best for the situation >_<) as possible, allowing for a complex experience that doesn't just revolve around holding a key to train, then holding a seperate key to fight.

Disclaimer: All copyrighted materials that may be found in game are the respective property of their owners. I claim no ownership over names. All graphical similarities are coincidence, as all graphics are original creations. Any copyrighted names or content that is player created is the sole responsibility of that player, and not Jin150 or anyone participating in this games creation. By joining the game, you agree that this is true.


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Yes it is, had a long time off it but finally working on it again
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just wondering if this game still being developed at all
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