by Jinjo21
Hatred....Loathing...War...Violence....Computer Crimes [More]

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Version 20
Date added: Feb 13 2003
Last updated: Mar 2 2003
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Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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Thanks go out to Zlegened2 for the permanent hosting!

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Version 9 alpha:
Added a map editing system!
The host can now choose to some preset map settings and then generate it. Or they can customize the settings and generate it. I fixed the AI and some runtimes. I also added a system to get rid of those nasty spammers. Im working on making this game playable through telnet.

2 Modes.
The first is a free roam mode. You can hack the CPU servers. You can get money and set up Local Area Networks. You can hack your friends send them viruses on this game. Practically do anything. No rules at all.

The second mode is a game that the host has to start.
It is a hacker war.
The hosts sets how many lives every player has They set the battle area.
Then it lets everyone in the world know the game is starting and sends them an alert that lets them choose which team they want. From there you play from your base which is password protected. You can try to hack their servers and take them down which is one way to win. You can kill everyone on their team through good ol' violence and you can even turn your back on your own team mates for money! This game is the greediest nastyest most decietful game ever! Not for the faint of heart!