Bleach Return Of The Vaizard

by Juyhmagic
graet bleach game updated almost every day tons of shikai/bankai and awesome staff [More]

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Date added: Apr 22 2009
Last updated: Sep 4 2009
Last played: Sep 6 2009
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---Bleach Return Of The Vaizard Staff---

Owner: Juyhmagic
Co-owner: Vampire Blade
Coder: Juyhmagic
Mapper: Juyhmagic
Iconer: None
Host: Ryche420
Master Admin:
Admin: Konta
Hub Designer: Juyhmagic

-Kidouless(Substitute) Shinigami
-Inoudo(Inoue And Sado)(Byond Member Only)


Head Captain

Squad 1 Captain:
Squad 1 Lieutenant:

Squad 2 Captain:
Squad 2 Lieutenant:

Squad 3 Captain:
Squad 3 Lieutenant:

Squad 4 Captain:
Squad 4 Lieutenant:

Squad 5 Captain:
Squad 5 Lieutenant:

Squad 6 Captain:
Squad 6 Lieutenant:

Squad 7 Captain:
Squad 7 Lieutenant:

Squad 8 Captain:
Squad 8 Lieutenant:

Squad 9 Captain:Goky(Fatboy2)
Squad 9 Lieutenant:

Squad 10 Captain:John(Juyhmagic)
Squad 10 Lieutenant:

Squad 11 Captain:
Squad 11 Lieutenant:

Squad 12 Captain:
Squad 12 Lieutenant:

Squad 13 Captain:
Squad 13 Lieutenant:

Inoue Leader:

Sado Leader:

Quincy Elder:

Espada Leader:
Espada #1:
Espada #2:
Espada #3:
Espada #4:
Espada #5:
Espada #6:
Espada #7:
Espada #8:
Espada #9:
Espada #10:


SC3PTR3: (May 1 2009, 11:17 pm)
*sigh* Sup john =P. Srry about last week. Was rlly pissed off at some pple at school. Didn't feel like being messed around with so I exploded =[ But im out of school for good now =] I wont explode b/c all of that is behind me. Only time's i would explode is when 1 of me relatives die or piss me off. You and riku both were hitting on viper, so it kinda reminded me of the pple at school so I went off.
Yugitayo8: (Apr 23 2009, 4:32 am)
dude how to join ur game or how to do anything on it its nothing on it like i need to downlode it to host it ok.also dude the game seem cool