Bleach - Odyssey

by Kama43
Bleach - Odyssey
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Version v0.0
Date added: Sep 25 2010
Last updated: Nov 29 2010
Last played: Nov 25 2010
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Main-Owners: Hishido, Jaron, and Mf2



Owner : Hishido(Lead Pixel Artist)
Owner : Michael(Small PixelArtist/Coder)
Owner : Jaron Green(Public Relations Staff)

Admins :
None yet.

Pixel Artists :

Turf Artists :

Mappers :

Contact Information:

Hishido :
[email protected](MSN/E-mai)

Michael :
[email protected]

Supporter(s): WillyXz, Needed

Bleach - Odyssey

Project Information:

It will be a Semi-Rp game meaning you have to Roleplay conversations with other players, but not battles. This Game Will be As close to the Anime as possible, down to the Hilt of every sword. Some features will include : Reiatsu Training, Realistic Overwhelming Spirtual pressure effect, Sword locks, Collisions, etc...

Staff Required:

We are looking for 3-4 Pixel artists. Contact Hishido for an interview.

Current Staff Consists of:

Owner : Hishido(Pixel Artist/Coder)
Owner : Michael(SmallPixelArtist/Coder)

Admins :
None yet.

Pixel Artists :
Open x2

Turf Artists :
Open x1

Mappers :
Open x2

Concept Designers :

Contact Information:

Hishido :
[email protected](MSN/E-mai)

Michael :
[email protected]

Compensation (Optional):

You will immediately be added to the staff and get highest level admin in the game. This, in turn, will immediately give you a position equivalent of that of an admin.

Screenshots/Current Progress (optional):

Beta will be open within the next couple of days.

See you in game!

(Working on getting the icons copyrighted.)


Bleach - Odyssey is a fan made online Bleach game based on the anime/manga (Bleach) by Tite, Kubo. The work seen in this game (This includes all forms of icons/coding) is the sole work of the pixel artists who made them. All our icons are 100% original, and may NOT be used in ANY game whatsoever without the permission of the owner(s) AND the person who made the icon.

1.No spamming or advertising other games.

2.No asking for GM because we're not hiring anything like that. If you've physically contributed to the game, you get staff. This means you need to be either a) Pixel artist or b) Coder.

3.No asking for edits, reward, or Ranks because we're going to ignore you. The staff won't directly communicate with the community unless otherwise told (Public Relations manager will do this)

4.No Random Killing in the PvE server.

5.No Pornographic links/Content in ANY way. Doing this will result in an automatic permanent ban.


Chris172: (Jun 19 2011, 3:36 am)
hope it does
Inuyashal: (Jun 12 2011, 4:43 am)
Is this game ever going to come up?
Tienie: (Jan 19 2011, 2:45 am)
Alright, I realize it's been awhile since I've posted anything new and that's being worked on. We've taken the old base back and added/changed and all sorts of stuff, and I'm going to list them now :

Captain Haori
10 Brand new Shikai
Outfits - Arrancar and Shinigami

Stay Tuned!
Avainer1: (Dec 20 2010, 12:46 am)
Mf2 wrote:
For all those people that have played the BETA its no were near done so dnt be discouraged the staff is doing their best to make this game nice and fun and wat not but understand we want the game to be original thanks to all our fans if yhu hav any questions or comments post it here or contact me or hishido


Tienie: (Dec 10 2010, 4:57 am)
Odyssey - A long and adventurous journey.