Avatar: Bending a New Breed

by Kang 123q
Avatar: Bending a New Breed
This game will become unimaginable but first I need to form a productions team. We are majorly looking for Graphic Artist(Iconners). if you need to contact me my msn is [email protected] [More]

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Date added: Nov 19 2007
Last updated: Jul 29 2008
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Hello in case u missed it this is a chat server right now as it is still under development and if u missed it and u can help my msn is [email protected] in!

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Kang 123q

Icon Artist:

Kang 123q,Sprite07

Kang 123q,HaloHater

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Kang 123q

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Sound Artist:
Kang 123q


The Avatar Cycle: The Avatar Cycle has been decided to take place in the order from the Show starting with where Aang left off since he was the last avatar in this game. Water,Earth,Fire,Air. The Avatar will probably be chosen and keep the status of Avatar for 2 weeks to 1 month, depending on our average amount of players.

Kiyoshi Warriors/Dai Li/Order of the White Lotus: This part of the game will have organizations that co exist inside the nations as they do in the show. They will not have special bases and stuff as the other games do. They will most likely come with clothes though, and maybe a weapon or skills such as the razor fans the kiyoshi Warriors use or the Capture type earth bending gloves on the dai li's hands.

Nation Leaders: For each Earth Capital, there will be a King, but they are all under the power of the Earth King. The Fire Nation will be ruled by one supreme power, the Fire Lord. For the Air Nomads, they will a single leader for each temple, until the total people increase. Then it will turn into a group as in the show. The Water Tribes will each have a Chief, which will decide everything in the village. All the Leaders will more or less, have power over the game's story, they will have the power to choose the Wars that go on, which leads to the possibility of an Era of Peace.



Traditional Water Weapons-Water
Broad Swords-Fire

Map: We are planning on having the biggest Map in the history of maps. You will be able to travel the whole Avatar world without having to teleport hopefully.

01. Northern Water Tribe
02. Northern Air Temple
03. Western Air Temple
05. Ba Sing Se
06. Abbey
07. Ruins of Taku/Herbalist Institute
08. Makapu Village
9. Gaipan, with an abandoned Freedom Fighter Village/Hideout nearby
10. Pohuai Stronghold
11. Fire Nation Capital
12. The Great Gates of Azulon
13. Black Cliffs
14. Roku's Island
15. Ember Island
16. Shu Jing, home to the legendary swordsman Piandao.
17. Jang Hui
18. Crescent Island, with a demolished temple to Avatar Roku.
19. The Great Divide
20. Senlin Village/Hei Bai's Forest
21. East Earth Kingdom Base
22. Serpent's Pass
23. Wan Shi Tong's Library, now buried
24. The Cave of Two Lovers
25. The Foggy Swamp Tribe
26. Plains Village
27. Gaoling, home of Earth Rumble tournaments and the wealthy Bei Fong family
28. Kyoshi Island
29. Eastern Air Temple
30. Southern Air Temple
31. Southern Water Tribe
32. Lake Laogai
33. Earth Kingdom Ferry (to and from Ba Sing Se)
34. Earth Kingdom Ferry to and from Ba Sing Se
35. Si Wong Desert, home to Si Wong Rock
36. The Underground Crystal Catacombs of Old Ba Sing Se