Dragonball GT Return of Legends

by Kazuma_The_Demon_King
Dragonball GT Return of Legends
Ok!!! It's finally here Dragonball GT Return of Legends !!! We have a new host so the game is back on hub!!! [More]

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Version 3
Date added: Jun 12 2008
Last updated: Jul 29 2008
Last played: Jan 14 2012
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Welcome To DBGT Return of Legends

.::DBGT Return of Legends::.

It's finally here! DGBT RoL 3.0 will be released in just a month or two, get ready for it! , Last Update: June 2, 2008

.::Game Info::.

This game is great to play!!! There is alot of unknown roleplay. The gms are spick and span ready to work coming every day. SO COME PLAY!!!!


There is a Guide under the Channel tab(Being edited every time there is a new scene. Use that before seeking GM assistance.

- If you find any bugs, notify a gm on the game or the forum.

- If you have any suggestions, say it on the forum which the owner will see and if likes it he will give you a reward.

We check them daily, so that's the best way to be heard. Your input DOES matter to us.

.::Player Rules::.

1) Use common sense.

2) If an admin is helping a player or hosting an event, do not interrupt them or attack them.

3) Do not spam kill at spawn points.

4) No AFK training or use EZ macroing attacks.

5) No MA things (Mature Adult Things, Porn, Hentai, Etc.) Remember, children play the game!

6) No spamming.

7) No Excessive Profanity/racism.

8) Failure to follow any additional rules set by Staff Members will result in punishment.

9) No mute or ban avoiding. You were punished for a reason. Breaking this rule will result in a more severe punishment.

10) Do not repeatedly use CAPS LOCK.

11) Do Not Death Avoid, if caught doing so, you're going to be severly punished.

12) Do Not train in Spawn, getting caught twice will result in a ban.

13) Do not ask for Tourniments. They will be hosted eventually. You just make the staff NOT want to host, each time you bug them for one.

14) Do not ask for a GM to teleport to you UNLESS it's absolutely neccessary. Most of the things we teleport to you for, can and SHOULD be asked in OOC. If we teleport to you, and it's something you could've asked in OOC, you will get punished for wasting our time.

15) If a staff member tells you something, you listen. If you think they're abusing, don't go spamming OOC about how they're abusing

and shit. Post a topic on the forums instead.

16) Do NOT ask for people to be unbanned/unmuted. I also suggest

you DO NOT speak for said individuals.

17) Do NOT ask for us to switch your race. This includes editing your from races. Most gm's dont like editing and want to do there jobs. If they dont and you dont like your race just remake maybe the gm's will give you your levels back.

18) Do NOT start calling GMs names AS SOON AS THEY LOGON. You just spam our screens, get us in a bad mood, and not want to help you.

19) Do not try to kill a player in safe zone. Youll look stupid and youll spam your own screen so you forget stuff.

20) Do not argue the results of a tourniment or the rules for each of them. It is entirely up to the host as to what is allowed and who passes.

21) Do not spam DodanRay/SSdeadly/CrusherBall. That means using the move multiple times in a row. There is meant to be a delay between uses that isn't currently active... making it a bug.

22) Do NOT start your name with any character that is not a letter used in English or a number.


Note: Punishments may vary depending on what crime you commit

- First offense: Boot, Mute, or Jail.

- Second offense: Key Ban for an hour or so.

- Third offense: Permanent IP Ban.

- EZ Macroing or AFK training will result in the instant delete of your Save File, which means that your character will be deleted on FIRST offense.

Don't bother with an excuse as YOU will be penalized if YOU aren't there and YOU aren't training attentively.

.::GM rules::.

1) First and foremost, do NOT abuse your Powers. They WILL be taken away from you if you do so. No exceptions.

2) Do not use your GM to threaten the players or other staff members. Usually, most problems can be solved without the usage of your verbs. If all else fails, then use them.

3) Do not give certain players special treatment. This means that players stay out of areas they don't belong in and that you don't give "friends" items they shouldn't have (or that were "created").

4) Do your job. Answer questions, help players, etc. Don't just sit there doing nothing.

Additional Forum Posting Rules

1) Use common sense.

2) Do NOT post topics about the same thing repeatedly. ESPECIALLY Ban/Complaint topics. If you do so, you will be banned from the forums.

3) Do NOT post stupid "Which do you like better?" polls.

4) Do NOT spam unless in the spam forum.

5) Do NOT purposely troll the boards. You will be banned.

6) If you make an "ABUSE" topic and it is NOT actually ABUSE, your forum posting abilities will be revoked temporarily. Repeated offenses = Permanent forum ban.

7) If you've applied for Enforcer before and were straight out denied, do NOT post another application. Also, bumping your application, will cause your application to immediately be locked and denied.

8) Any topic that is considered "moronic" will be locked.

9) Do not PM GMs about getting unbanned or banned topics. We read all of the banned topics that are created. Annoying us by PMing us about these topics will result in your account being suspended from the forums.


Forum GM Rules

1) Do NOT delete ANY topic. It is to be moved to the "Trash Bin" if you want it out of the board. This also means do NOT delete topics in the "Trash Bin".


These rules are subject to change at any time, so check them out often



Kazuma-San/Tony Stark (Kazuma_The_Demon_King), Soverinity-Sama/Steven Daniels (Liltt)

-Co Owners-

Raikenzu/Patrick (Duo69)
Blood King Ares/ Trent (The tk)


Kazuma-San, Raikenzu

-High Staff Council Members-

Celeste/Celly (Lunacelly)
Soul Eater(SPIKE10),Brianna(bunny foo foo)

-Master Game Moderators-

Manon(Busaboy2000), Hotjay(Hotjay619)

-Pixel Artists-

Kazuma-San, Soverinity-Sama

-Hosting Provider-

Ken The Host

Credits to Kazuma for the Title Screens and Customization screens.

Credits to Kazuma for the Hub Banner/Icon.

Credits to Rai for the help with the progression of the game.

Credits to Kazuma for the new icons in the next update.

Other Games created by a friend of mine.. Also try it