Naruto Divine Shinobi

by Keyla666
A Naruto clone that will hopefully grow to the most popular game on Byond. [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 1
Date added: Nov 1 2008
Last updated: Dec 4 2009
Last played: Sep 7 2009
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Hi! This is my 1st game. I hope that it will grow to be a hit. It's a solo project for now. I'm learning as I go along. Please don't be saddened if I turn down any requests to help. Your gesture is much appreciated either way! ^_^ This game is still in the "clone state" but I will be adding more to it, to appeal to all players.. young and old.. fan or not... role-player or not. There will be plenty more to do, in game, besides train or fight. I am working on other projects and I will try to update as frequently as possible. I've added new things like elements to the game, best friends, senseis, tournament points, orgs, and villages. Most new villages still lack jutsus.. but that's because I've yet to icon anything. But anyway, More things to add later... more to expand on. Marriage shows your spouse... Please click the player and check if they are married before you propose. It would suck if your sensei abandons you because you stole his wife. The number of boosts a player has and edits also show, when you click. You don't have to fight. anyone that you feel is a total edit whore. XP
****Attention Byond Members**** This game is for you. Have you ever felt unappreciated after ranking a game? Did you have to beg for a boost... get chewed out by an owner for wanting game advantages? Get something totally different from what they said? AND IT SUCKED!!! Well I'm a member... just like you! Rank my game #1 and I will give you the best benefits a game can offer, without a staff rank. You don't want to miss out on this. XD Even if you don't rank it #1.. you'll get something sweet. But either way you only see what it is if rank meh game! XP

Requirements for Org/or Village Leader

5 million Health

1 million Chakra

All of your Village's Jutsus

Capped Hunter Rank

*Challenge and defeat the current leader and you will become the new leader yourself. All challenges are best of 3 and are final. No blinding, freezing, teleporting, or leaving the arena, whatsoever. Disconnecting does not disqualify either player. Instead, the contest continues as soon as the player/players return(s).*

All leader positions are open!!!