DragonBall Sinclair

by KuroChi
DragonBall Z PVP game. [More]

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Date added: May 30 2013
Last updated: Sep 1 2017
Last played: Sep 5 2017
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Welcome to DragonBall Sinclair's hub!
We have recently just started hosting as of 9/1/2017.
I am working hard on changing the game to be more fit for a dynamic PVP environment.
For now, just come have some fun!

-Complex battle formulas
-Learn energy attacks by watching others
-Intense beam struggles
-Ki leveling system
-A crafting system that has quite a few things
-Over 10 planets and more than 20 characters.
-A building system
-Ranks that will be competed for each wipe.
-A reviving system that is totally player based (and frequent admin world revives)
-Fighting other players is the best way to train.
-Training near strong people has a good influence on you.

It's quite a bit different than other rips because it uses a different source. It is the old finale source, so if you are tired of how random and unstable DU is, this game would be perfect for you!

I am currently looking for staff!


Luninini: (Jun 2 2016, 2:03 pm)
Where does everyone even get the source from xD?
KaiserMouse: (Jun 2 2016, 9:32 am)
If you need a host, I could do so.