Naruto: Infinite Chaos

by Kybuui Kakashi
Create your own ninja and aim to become the strongest in the world of ninja! [More]

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Version Test 2.0
Date added: Feb 24 2009
Last updated: Aug 13 2010
Last played: Dec 21 2009
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News: There is now a new version being worked on. -->

Updates: All 9 Biju are finally in! (and Curse Seal)


- Cool Weather System!

- Build your own house, or even a Village if you desire, the choice is yours!

- The environment is totally destructible! (not complete)

- Unleash your Jutsus on a grand scale in battle to totally decimate your opponent!

- You can even steal Doujutsu from your rival's body to gain new power!

- Also remember, even though the icon base may be similar to other naruto games, this is not another of those boring Naruto rips that you play all day! Most coding is done by me to ensure your enjoyment of the game!

Here are the Credits that are due for the small amount of coding that i didn't originally make:

Shadowdarke- for the Speech Bubbles!

Jeremy "Spuzzum" Gibson- For the Damage Numbers!

Thanks to these people for helping me make my game!

~Other than those, everything else is mine^^


byond rasengan naruto rasenshuriken


Still to be determined
All ranks are auto




Chakra Types
- Fire
- Earth
- Wind
- Water
- Lightning
Chakra Types That Combine
Water and Earth- Wood
Wind and Water- Ice
Fire and Earth- Lava



- Uzumaki
- Uchiha
- Hatake
- Nara
- Hyuga
- Sand User (Gaara like)
- Taijutsu Master
- Wind Controller (Temari like)
- Medic

*More Jutsu and Clans To be added*


- No cussing

- No advertising other games

- no spam killing people

- Try not to randomly kill people's pets... unless for good reason

- no mature material or links

- Once again Have Fun!!


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Kybuui Kakashi: (Jun 25 2009, 4:24 pm)
Sweet, we can post on games again!
Kybuui Kakashi: (May 13 2009, 12:41 am)
^^ glad u liked it
Panther876: (May 7 2009, 2:03 pm)
Bang it was fun :P