Naruto: War Games

by Kyuubi Productions
Naruto: War Games is a byond-based war game set in a alternate reality of the naruto world. [More]

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  • Amazing Graphics - The is while at the moment doesnt catch the eye, will soon be a nice piece of candy to look at(like a perfectly symmetrical pair of boobs)
  • Events - You'll here on the annoucement screen that an Bijuu, Horde (Special)Animals or even Chuck Norris is attacking the village in which case no matter what your rank you will have to fight.
  • Learning AI - AI in game learn from the mistakes of others. If you kill a enemy in front of another with a Chidori then the ladder can quickly learn how to dodge, block or counter the attack effectively.
  • Master / Apprentice System - When a Jounin reaches the level of 30 they gain the ability to take on Genin as apprentices. Jounin can teach these Genin almost any jutsu they learn. While the Jounin gains double exp every time one of there apprentices level-ups.
  • More to come!

 Naruto:War Games

 Naruto:War Games

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