Build World

by Laredef
Help build a thriving world! [More]

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Version Beta 1.0
Date added: Jul 17 2012
Last updated: Jun 19 2013
Last played: Dec 21 2014
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Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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Work together online with friends to build a real working city.

Coding is underway.

Build World Team:
Chuck117 - Lead Developer
Laredef - Developer
Mrchris75 - Developer
TheDarkSide646 - Iconer

Special thanks to:
Darian Lord - Icons
Xtreme_Anarchy - Icons


Hello everyone we would like to announce that Build World is back in action, after our few month break we decided to start up Build World again and add new Features. In the next few days the shattering will occur and Build World will never be the same!

New Features:
  • Firefighting - Use your fire hose mode to spray water in an attempt to douse fires.
  • A fire system - leave an appliance running unattended and you may find yourself in a HOT situation the fire will spread and attempt to consume your building and leave you with burnt turf.

  • Updated Features:

  • Build Mode is now more stable with no more glitches or random deleting. Selecting the object to copy has been changed to double clicking, single clicking now spawns the object just like dragging does.
  • A couple more floors and doors have been added.

  • Older Features:

  • Save Files.
  • 3D Sounds!
  • Purchasable lots of land where you build on.
  • Manage your lots easily by using your teleport command to teleport to any lot that you own!
  • Teleport to the start if you ever get lost or stuck.
  • Add players to your allowedTopper/allowedDeleter lists so they can build on your land or delete your objects to help you out on your building projects.
  • Shutdown or Reboot the server to start a brand new round (session) where everyones money is reset and lots are back up for sale!
  • Collect bonus money which is not reset round to round.
  • Collect Building XP which a certain ammount is needed to be able to buy bonus lots, more to come in the future!
  • Go to the "Build" Tab to find all of the object spawner verbs, which when clicked, spawn that object right underneath you. Only works on areas that you own or if you on a friends area and they have you on their allowedTopper list.
  • Demolish your Creations with a Click_to_Delete Demolition mode. Now IMPROVED with Drag_to_Delete technology!
  • Turn on Copy Mode and Click on any previously placed object to copy it to your current location.
  • Even switch to Build Mode allowing you to select a previously placed object then spawn that obj anywhere you drag your mouse! (includes amazing hammer sound with every obj placed =D)
  • Go to the Town Hall to get utilities installed on your lots so appliances work!

  • - The Build World Team