Mobile Suit Gundam: WarZone

by Latoma
A New Era has come, now you have a chance to be a Mobile Suit Pilot of Legend. Question is: Will you Survive? [More]

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Version 0.1
Date added: Jul 31 2007
Last updated: Jun 29 2009
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None :S

Note: Axerob and Kakashi offered their services when they're done with their respective projects.

Pixel Artists:
Still Searching... >_>

Graphical Artists (The people who make the 3-D Suits)


Courtesy To:
The Staff of the original Gundam War Zone from Global Communications Network. Namely to Osiris (who was along with Latoma one of the original Owners of GWZ)

Over One Hundred Years have passed since the last great war. The Age of Mobile Suit battle seemingly stopped after the end of that Last Great War. About Fifty years Later though, a Rebellion Occured by People tired of lack of 'battle' going on. Even humanity could not be quelled forever, and people would always like a world of battle.

To Stabilize the Conflict, The Leaders of the Earth Alliance and the Rebels Came together and formed a truce. The Earth Alliance would lift the ban on Mobile Suit Production, allowing people to create their own, to compete in competitions. Thus, the Mobile Battle Federation was born.

The Federation has since rolled out many copies of Ancient and Current Mobile Suits alike, upgrading them enough to stand a chance in actual mobile battle combat. Now the Question is, Can you obtain the fame to become a great Mobile Battler?

"Wealth And Glory, To The Victor!" - Announcer: Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Assault 1/2.


What This game will have:
-Special PK System for Cash
-Ability to buy new Suits
-Rankings that players automatically fall under.
-Ability to steal a Suit from another player's base if theres at least 5 people in the base.
-Space-Based Battle
-Icon movements for every attack unique per suit.
-An RP Feel that one can choose to RP in. Either be the Silent Type who is only out to become Rich and famous, or the talkative Type. It's an RP game that you're not required to actually RP a thing.
-A Story You Write. Make your own 'Story' of becoming a Mobile Battle Champion!
-Upgradeable Mobile Suits! Upgrade it with a variety of things, including Ablative Coating, different weapons.
-CUSTOM MOBILE SUITS!!!: If you gave 100 Million Dollars in Game, the Staff Can develop a Mobile Suit for your own personal Use! (Note: We set it at bare Minimum Stats, you must upgrade it yourself)

-Anything AFK Trainable or EZ-Able.
-Training at all, you train by battling, thus becoming more skilled. Truly a System built for developing Skill!
-Stupid Staff. We can and will fire anyone who makes the game look bad. *We never said anything about Strict. That's what Byond Needs*
-Same old Droll "PK Everything" Feel Byond mostly carries. PK is either done in a base (suicidal to do on one's own) or in Organized 1 on 1 fighting (2 on 2 or more in later versions).
-Icons that are small compared to their comparisons in the animes. Feel like a Mobile Suit Actually Towers over you as you stand in front of one in a hanger.
-Crappy Icons: See the Shine of your suits in the hangers, and view a movement for every attack! Watch a Wing Zero Custom Spread it's wings and legs as it aims a buster rifle and fills up a big area of the screen with it's Dual-Buster Rifle Fire!



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Game Progress:

MBF (Mobile Battle Federation) HQ: 0.2%
Hanger-Suit Designs: 1%
Colony Designs (Maps): 0%
Hanger Setup: 0%
Coding: -1% (We NEED an HTML coder)
Battle Setup (Attacks, etc): 0%
Space-Battle Map: 95%
Earth Battle Map: V2 Expected
Team Battle: Late V2 or V3 Expected


Suits To Expect (The last bracket will have important reference value in the game):

Zaku I (F)
Zaku II (F)
Zaku II Commander (D)
Gouf (D)
Rick Dom (D)
GM (F)
Guncannon (D)
GunTank (D)
Zeong (C)
Big Zam (Alpha)
RX-78-2 Gundam (C)

08th MS:
Apsilus (We'll decide which later) (Alpha)
EZ-8 (C)
RX-78-2(G) (C)

Gundam "Alex" (C)
Hygogg (C)
Kampfer (C?)

"Physalis" (C+)
GPO1A (C+)
GP03A (Alpha)
Nueiziel (Alpha)

Z gundam:
Zaku III (C)
Hyaku Shiki (B)
Zeta Gundam (B)
Qubely II (B)
(?) Psycho Gundam Mk II (possibly GBA's PGMk3?) (Alpha/Beta?)

ZZ Gundam:
ZZ Gundam (A)
Full Armor ZZ Gundam (A)

Char's Counterattack:
Nu Gundam (S)
Sazabi (A)
Jadg Gora (however you spell it) (B)
Alpha Azieru (Beta)

G Gundam:
Shining Gundam (B)
Burning (God) Gundam (A)
Rose Gundam (B)
Gundam Maxter (B)
Dragon Gundam (B)
Blitz Gundam (B)
Master Gundam (A)
Devil Gundam (2nd Form) (Gamma)

Wing Gundam:
Leo (F)
Aeries (D?)
Virgo (B)
Taurus (C)
Wing (A)
DeathScythe 1/2 (B/A)
HeavyArms 1/2 (B/A)
Nataku 1/2 (B/A)
Sand Rock 1/2 (B/A)
Wing Zero (S)
Epyon (A+)
Mercurius (B)
Vayaete (B)
Tallgeese (C)
Tallgeese II (B)

Endless Waltz:
Gundam Wing Zero Custom (S)
Altron Gundam Custom (S)
Sandrock Custom (S)
HeavyArms Custom (S)
DeathScythe Custom (S)
Serpents (A)
Tallgeese III (S)

Strike Gundam (B+)
Aegis (B+)
Buster (B+)
The other stolen ones yeah >_> (B+/B+)
Freedom Gundam (A)
Justice Gundam (A)

Seed Destiny:
Strike Freedom (S)
Infinite Justice (S)

Note: These are pre-creation lists, this can change at ANY time.


FaceOff Productions: (Jun 29 2009, 1:06 pm)
So how long has it been 2 years? How's the progress btw.