Into This World

by Legacy of Caine
What would happen if you were thrust into a world of myth and magic? [More]

Top Players

Name Level Race Classes Last Updated
#1 Test Character 11 Elf Spellcaster(5), Mage(5), Summoner(1) 25/04/2021

Medals Earned

Medal Player Date
May 8 2021, 6:54 am
Apr 25 2021, 2:59 pm
Apr 25 2021, 8:59 am

Medals Available

A New Beginning

Complete the tutorial


You have learned a variety of spells/abilities from books.

Goblin Slayer

You have permanently impacted the Goblin population.


You've killed so many Slimes, if they had a brain they'd probably fear you

Bag of Bones

Your plight against Skeletons have made you the bane of any subpar Necromancer.

Demon Slayer

Your name is now infamous amongst demons, you have been marked as an enemy of the Vritra


You have gained an additional class


Unlocked an advanced Mana element


You have taken your first level in a prestige class

Dungeon Master

You have cleared so many dungeons, there is little that can surprise you within their depths


Obtained 1'000'000 gold from selling items at auctions

Hall of Heroes

You have become an S-class adventurer, your name will not quickly be forgotten


You have obtained the power of a Beast

This isn't even my final form...

Unlocked the second stage of your Beast Will


Cursed by the Indra, you have become a Vampire.


You have abandoned your humanity and become a Demon


You have been reborn, keeping some knowledge of your past life.