Naruto: Rebirth of the Legendary Shinobi

by LegendaryIS
Naruto: Rebirth of the Legendary Shinobi
In progress, but, destined to be the best naruto based game created! [More]

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Date added: Sep 30 2008
Last updated: Aug 8 2011
Last played: Oct 5 2008
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Still in Progress~!

This new Naruto game will blow the socks off of you. We are coding from scratch, so it might take a while to get running, but take into mind, we are going to add things that no other naruto game on BYOND has. We are not straying into Bleach/Naruto or DBZ/Naruto but to just plain old good Naruto. (can't believe I said Naruto 3 times, in a sentence, I think it lost it's meaning...) And most important of all, this game is made in memory of Goditz. A tribute to someone who has made our stay in BYOND a fun one.

I'm awesome like that.

Head Coders:
Luber, Byejin
Coders:Yoshino and Some others who are chipping in (I'll add your name when your input gets added)
Head Iconer: Immortal Shinobi
Iconers: Yoshino, Luber, Byejin, and some others (I'll add your name as soon as I remember.. xD)
GFX Artist: Hinashou
Mapper: No Map yet...
Game Testers: NBotLS staff and players