Naruto: Madara's Quest

by Legion Seraphim
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COME IN AND PLAY! I hope you enjoy the game, I put alot of work into it. Many updates to come. So go in the forum and give me suggestions, chat about you life, and most of all just have fun. Life is too short to waste being angry. Ohh yeah if you didnt know,

~Mark 5:9 - And Jesus ask him what is thy name, and he said, our name is Legion for we are many~

Naruto: Madara's Quest
The world is yours for the taking! Can you master your skills as a ninja? Come in and test your skill against the world!

Pixel Artist:Shinta

Credits to Aleks for source

Kage Req = Capped Hunter and 1+008 hp
Only Challenge Kage for his position if you are ANBU or higher, GM must be present ~Challenge Once a week~

Hokage -
Hoshikage - Open
Tsukikage - Open
Yamikage - Open
Kazekage - Open
Otokage - Open
Raikage - Open
Tsuchikage - Open
Mizukage - Open
Waterfall Hero - Open
Grass Feudal Lord - Open
Rain Feudal Lord - Open
Snow Fuedal Lord - Open

Akatsuki Leader -
Akatsuki Co - Open
Akat 3: Open
Akat 4: Open
Akat 5: Open
Akat 6: Open
Akat 7: Open
akat 8: Open
Akat 9: Open

7 Swordsmen Leader:
7 Swordsmen Co -
SSM 3: Open
SSM 4: Open
SSM 5: Open
SSM 6: Open
SSM 7: Open

Hebi Leader -
Hebi 2: Open
Hebi 3: Open
Hebi 4: Open

Sound Organiztion Leader - Open
Sound Co - Open
Sound 3: Open
Sound 4: Open
Sound 5: Open

Police Leader - Open
Police Co - Open
Police 3: Open
Police 4: Open
Police 5: Open

Organization Leader Req = Capped Hunter and 1+009 hp
Only Challenge Organization Leader for his position if you are Co-Leader,GM must be present ~Challenge Once a week~

1. Do not Kill any player that does not want to be killed.
2. Respect GM's *If you beleive they are abusing contact me (Shinta) on my key Heart of the Sword*
3. Respect all players *Playful banter is accepted but do not offend other players*
4. No Multi Clanning unless approved by Shinta
5. No Abusing Glitches
6. No Spamming (Repetion of 5)*unless training*
7. No Multi-Clan tourneys without Shinta or Legion Present
8. No Academy Killing
9. HAVE FUN!!! Dont forget its only a game
10.No Character names from narutp


Chunnin Exam and Jounin Exam need Minimum of 4


Tarundbz: (Aug 15 2012, 12:49 am)
II_flame on_II: (Jan 27 2011, 8:46 am)
itachi you there?
II_flame on_II: (Jan 24 2011, 5:57 pm)
do it for the fans man for the fans!
II_flame on_II: (Jan 24 2011, 5:54 pm)
D: plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Itachi Slayer: (Jan 24 2011, 5:47 pm)
do it later im tired XD