Pokemon Shadows Arise

by Legit_Skittles
Pokemon Shadows Arise
Fun new game, try it out great GMs, great everything. We have Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and Organizations. Please comment if necessary! Everyone in the staff hopes you have fun, if you have any ideas or questions ask an Owner or Co-Owner. Thanks! [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version Early Tesing V2.5
Date added: Jun 15 2011
Last updated: Sep 22 2013
Last played: Aug 19 2011
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This hub was created by Legit_Skittles and Dr. DraX

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Pokemon Shadows Arise

Coders: Dr.DraX
Iconners: Dr.DraX
Mappers: Dr.DraX
Host: Dr.DraX

1.Main Owner: Legit_Skittles
2.Owner: Dr.DraX
3.Co-Owner: Yuszard13
4.Head Admin:
9. Enforcer:
10. Enforcer:

There is/are Currently 6 Staff Position(s) Open.
Head Admin - Quantity (0)
Admin - Quantity (2)
GM - Quantity (2)
Enforcer - Quantity (2)
(We are not giving away many positions unless the game gets pretty popular such as 20-60 players online every day if higher we will give away even more positions).

Gym Leader Requirements:
Fire: 3 Fire Pokemon lv.50 (OPEN)
Water: 3 Water Pokemon lv.50 (OPEN)
Grass: 3 Grass Pokemon lv.50 (OPEN)
Dragon: 3 Dragon Pokemon lv.50 (OPEN)
Normal: 3 Normal Pokemon lv.50 (OPEN)
Steel: 3 Steel Pokemon lv.50 (OPEN)
Psychic: 3 Psychic Pokemon lv.50 (OPEN)
Rock: 3 Rock Pokemon lv.50 (OPEN)
Level Caps are 150

E4 requirements:
1.6 Pokemon Any Type lv.60 (OPEN)
2.6 Pokemon Any Type lv.70 (OPEN)
3.6 Pokemon Any Type lv.80 (OPEN)
4.6 Pokemon Any Type lv.90 (OPEN)
Champion:Must Defeat all Gymleaders,Elite4s and Previous Champion if Necessary (OPEN)
Level Caps are 250

Organization requirements:
Hunter: 4 Pokemon of Any Type lv.100 (OPEN)
Rocket: 2 Poison and 2 Pokemon of any type lv.100 (OPEN)
Magma: 2 Fire and 2 Ground/Dark Pokemon lv.100 (OPEN)
Aqua: 2 Water and 2 Ice/Dark Pokemon lv.100 (OPEN)
Galactic: 4 Pokemon of Any Typelv.100 (OPEN)
Ranger: 4 Pokemon of Any Type lv.100 (OPEN)
No Level Caps

We hope to release this game by the end of summer and we'll need all the support we can get,right now we need someone who can help icon, map, code, and to take screen shots and/or make a YouTube video to help people with the game when the game comes out, like a tutorial. If you can help, please contact one of the owners/co-owners. Thank You!
http://www.pokemonshadowsarisebyond.webs.com/ (Forum/Website).


Tangastormy51: (May 22 2012, 11:11 am)
when is the game coming up?
Dr.DraX: (Aug 11 2011, 5:11 pm)
We are currently testing staff and player verbs, the maps and Pokemon will not come in until after the BETA Version. We are almost finished adding verbs and soon we will have more icons for you guys. Thanks for waiting!
Legit_Skittles: (Jun 16 2011, 9:22 am)
Please don't talk about things other than this game also don't comment too much.People who aren't members can comment on the game just to tell everyone so that they don't feel left out.This game will be up when it's up we're going to try and get it up, for real by the end of summer.http://pokemonshadowsarisebyond.webs.com/ this is our forum make an account if u want to apply for GM or if u want information about the game or you can contact the owners/co-owners.