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Fixed Host Files. (Updated to Title Update 2) 6/24/2010 [More]
To download this game for your Linux/Mac installation, enter this on your command line:

DreamDownload byond://Lendgens.HaloBYOND##version=2

Emulator users, in the BYOND pager go to File | Open Location and enter this URL:


Version Title Update 2
Date added: Apr 8 2008
Last updated: Jun 11 2014
Last played: Jun 11 2014
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Decided to bring this back from the grave. If you want host files, message me!

Currently working on a survival mode for those who are alone, but don't have enough people to play the other modes.


Fixed the host files so now all of you can get into the action! This game is over a year old, but, still fun and good to play with a couple of friends! I've brought back the game to work on too so expect more to come as well as an upgrade in the code and possibly the continuation of the stand-alone Campaign!

Host files: http://uploading.com/files/64cbc9c8/Halo.zip/


Back online. Believe.


Host files are available! If the link does not work via BYOND Downloader try this! http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=e358c5c38add015b24a64199a c7f73e5e04e75f6e8ebb871


1/20/09 - Game's been re-coded and re-worked

Well, I've spent my two days re-coding and re-working the game. Everything should go more smooth and I also did a lot of enhancements. Host files will be up very soon. :).


3/19/08 - Server Issues

Well, I noticed that on some games, the server will not retrieve your profile or sometimes even relog you back into the game!(Ouch). This has already been found and has an update to fix it. Just have to wait for Airforce to sign onto MSN so I can upload it via FTP. I hope you like Open Beta :).


3/17/08 - New hub page

Go to it!

1/16/08 - Map progress

Well, to my standards, Snowbound is polished up, may tweak it a bit, add a few tings here and there but it's basically working and with balanced weapons. If someone asks me to see a dev map view of it, I will post each map that will show the structure, spawns, and weapons.

High Ground is also in the BETA stages, did a lot to it such as expanding the map and added in a real base with real defenses. The door can be easily opened from the opposite side of the beach.

Islands is one of my fav. because it has the man cannon(still testing!). The man cannon shoots you out to about half way through the map. All I have to do now is make sure YOU can't move while going off of it which will take a few minutes.

I am also finishing up the veto system which will allow people to veto a game/map. If vetoed, the server will be rebooted and the host will have to choose another game/map to play on.

I hope you guy's like what I've done to the game now! I also added in the Covenenat Carbine Carbine and the MG6 Pistol (Magnum). And the Energy Sword is coming, we also have a classified weapon called "Flame Guardian". Hope to play with you all soon!



1/15/08 - Progress

Progress is going really well! All Equipment (95%) is added in and fully working! Elites are near finished and the maps are getting polished up! Public testing will be soon so keep your eyes pealed!

P.S. Flame Guardian + Sniper(s) = His hacking tool. He did not beat me because he haxz.


1/8/08 - A New Year

Well, if your all wondering what happened to this game, don't. I just needed a break from things since finals were coming up and winter break and all. The game is back in progress now and I hope that we can get back on track.

P.S. Elites are coming soon ;). Also a demo of the campaign created by the staff.


11/28/07 - Power to the Players

Well, the Beta is almost to a closing, we need to just polish up the icons and add in the vehicles/rest of the weapons. I also found a few bugs/glitches such as invisible glitch,teleport glitches, no re spawn glitch, etc. the majority of these have been fixed and the people who are doing them have been filed a complaint for abusing a glitch. Now were going to tell you how Report A Player verb works in the commands tab.

Now, you can do 3 choices - File Report/Send Feedback/Bugs

File Report - Filing A report will ask you who to file it to first (must be online) and choose a list of options to why you are doing so. If it goes through, you will be noticed and the player will be noticed that he as been filed a complaint for (abusing,glitching,unsporting player, etc) and has upto the max of 20 to stop. If he reaches 20 then he is banned from joining games for a bit and his save file may be wiped.

Send Feedback - Sending feed back can give you the chance to send us what YOU think about something in-game (gfxs,coding,sound,gameplay,etc). You can also tell us what YOU think needs to be added/tweaked/nerfed/taken out.

Bugs - Just like it says, send in a bug complaint and we will get to it ASAP.

Well, that's the basic breakdown of the Report system. Try using it sometime! Deeper details into this later on.




Programmer/Owner : Lendgens(TheRevalations21221 is my old key)([email protected])

Iconner/Co-Owner : Berlin2222

Leader Boards





1. M41 SSR Rocket Launcher

2. BR 55 Battle Rifle

3. M90 Close Assault Shotgun

4. Type-50 Particle Beam Rifle

5. Sniper Rifle 99D-S2 AM

6. Type-33 Needler

7. MA5C Assault Rifle

8. M7 Caseless Submachine Gun

9. Frag + Plasma

10.Trip Mine


12.Power Drainer

13.Carbine Rifle

14.Covenant Carbine

15.Energy Sword

16.Brute Shot

17.Spartan Laser

18.Plasma Pistol

19.Plasma Rifle

20.Gravity Hammer








Note: Bonuses carries from one rank to the next





Gunnery Sergeant







General Grade 1

General Grade 2

General Grade 3

General Grade 4



1.Team Slayer



Note: Military Rank and Skill Rank are NOT the same. Skill determines your true skill through the multi player. More information on how the system works will be later.

1.Ranked - Skill + EXP can be gained or loss.

2.Social/Training - EXP can be gained or loss (Come here for practice)

3.Custom - EXP nor Skill will be gained, come here to chill without worrying about it being recorded, test custom maps, and more!

1.In-Game Veto Game type and Map/Veto Reboot/Veto mute system.-(Working on)
2. Detailed information on the current game such as map, mode, how many players playing, MVP of blue, and MVP of red (MVP of the game for slayer matches).
3.Boot player in a game
4.Report a player/glitch/bug system
5.In-Game control set-up (Throw grenade distance, Networking, customization, etc.)-(Working on)
6.Environmental sounds/effects - (Working on)
7.Clan system(In the making)
8.Client-Side Saving

More information coming soon.

Me standing near the middle of Title Screen.

Believe on September 25th, 2007.

To leave us a message, just stop by here, we check it daily ;).

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Forerunnerz: (May 14 2009, 5:38 am)
I've been waiting for this game for a long time now, probably for 4 months. No pictures or a vid of the gameplay, and the host files don't work. I'm getting really impatient.