by Lesbian Assassin
A fast and fun strategy game of evil villainy. (Mild language warning.) [More]

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Version X.DOOM! (.55)
Date added: Jan 18 2004
Last updated: Jan 24 2008
Last played: May 8 2014
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Welcome to Manifesto! - the game of evil geniuses. The goal of the game is to gain control of five resources. Each resource requires a territory to hold it, and each territory requires a minion to hold it, so the straightforward path to victory is to RECRUIT minions, EXPAND territory, and SEIZE resources.

Of course, if the road to victory were that straight a path, every game would be a tie... the key is to not start seizing resources until you've got the means to defend them, while making sure you can take any potential rivals down a peg or six

The game is turn-based... after each player has had a turn, a new round begins. The "win condition" is checked at the end of the round, so getting a fifth resource only counts if you can hold onto it... and in the event of a tie, the game continues until there's a clear-cut victor.


XxDragon_GodxX: (Jan 19 2012, 2:27 am)
I would murder at this game