by Lesbian Assassin
A futuristic game with a checkered past. [More]
To download this game for your Linux/Mac installation, enter this on your command line:

DreamDownload byond://LesbianAssassin.Orbitalis##version=3

Emulator users, in the BYOND pager go to File | Open Location and enter this URL:


Version 3
Date added: Feb 4 2004
Last updated: Jul 29 2009
Last played: May 17 2014
3 fans

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Orbitalis is a strategy-based board game patterned after the age-old game known as draughts or checkers. Rather than a checker pattern of squares, though, Orbitalis features circular spaces offset in such a way as to resemble a grid of hexagons, each space adjacent (or at least, nearby) to 6 others.

The goal, much like in checkers, is to capture all of the opponent's pieces by jumping them with your own, and also much like checkers, you must move one of your pieces forward into a nearby diagonal space every turn. Unlike checkers, there is no "kinging", but once you've passed the halfway point of the board with a piece, you are allowed to move it backwards, reversing its heading. In this way, the pieces "orbit" around the board.