Naruto Sufferring Vengance !

by Lilka
Naruto Sufferring Vengance !
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Date added: Feb 25 2011
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The combat aspects of the game will not resemble many naruto games on byond if any. I will be using each clans specific details to explore new dimensions of byond naruto gaming. Improvements will be made so the games feels like more than a chat room with the added bonus of occasional PVP. Clans and stats training requires users to fully engage into the life of being in the shinobi world. frequently, World events will be held in game to give users who've reached a stagnant advancement over majority of players more to experience.

The game eventually, after beta version updates are finished, will no longer have the Npcs from the Anime, and will be replace by "descendants" of the show.
The setting is a few centuries after the Naruto franchise. In a time where the world is relapsing back into the ninja way. Kages will rise from colonies without leadership and will have the ability to freely claim and take over leadership.(In the future it will be up to the Kage to organize academies, monuments, and decide who gets the village Bijuu, If your Kage discovers the hidden scrolls).

Bijuu have been concealed for centuries, hidden away in the world are the Nine separated entities. Also in the world Are the akatsuki ruins, guess where that's leading.

Rules Regarding In-world play
1. Do not multikey- Multikeying robs you of having the experience of journeying to discover all the secrets of the character you’ve created, and also robs you of the chance to interact with others
2. Do not ask for kage- The Kage and ninja ranking system will be changing shortly but it will be heavily dependent on other players that being said you’d have to influence a lot of player in your region to achieve kage title
3. Do not Bug kages- This is a warning and not a rule, however the kage is allowed to do whatever he or she sees fit involving punishment, so it’s recommended to follow his or her own Village guidelines
4. Do not abuse bugs- This is my only real severely punishable rule, here’s why : I know there are going to be millions of bugs for an extended period after launch as alpha and beta testers it is expected that all bugs will be immediately reported, therefore abuse of a bug will result in a permanent ipban, keyban, hostban, for both in game and coded into the source file until the official launch. (Rule subject to be edited on official Launch)
5. Proceed with caution- the game is based heavily on relationships forming alliances and boundaries between players, I’m not going to demand you respect everyone( in character, slander in OOC will result in a mute) , just remember the “noob” you repeatedly kill can be the apprentice of your kage

Principles of Being Kage
1. Achieving Kage
a. Kages shall be Claimed thru the process of obtaining influence over other natives or rouge shinobi spawning in the area
b. Once a village is established Villagers may gather influence from officials either anonymously or openly support a challenge of authority
c. In an event of a generation change the kage must select on Villager to take over resposibilty, and As such point he is given the Honorary rank of Elder
2. Responibities
a. The first kage is responsible for the establishment of an academy
b. Any kage has the right to initiate wars, treaties, and alliances
c. The kage may also set regulations for his/her village.
3. Starting an Organization
a. Similar to starting a village, to start an organization one must gain influence over rouge shinobi spawning over various areas without claiming territory to govern
b. As an organization leader it is in your best interest to get territory from a kage and either overthrow their village or exile the original owners

*Unfortunately Im still in very early development phases, also due to working alone I'm starting with a rip'ed source that needs critical work. anyone interested in iconning or doing code work for jutsus or miscellaneous environmental factors.....
Email:[email protected]
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