Requiem Of Destruction

by Lilxboixlegend
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Date added: Sep 28 2008
Last updated: Mar 7 2009
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Requiem Of Destruction
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Nite N Day Productions

Owner & Team Members

Owner of this Game-Lilxboixlegend
Iconner/Pixel Artists-Lilxboixlegend,
Forum/Website Designer-Lilxboixlegend
GFX Artist -Anias
Storyline Writer-Anias
Idea People - Lilxboixlegend,Anias,
want to apply?
aim - AYOTHATStommy
msn -
ps.i use meebo to get on msn so we cant send anything
please talk to me with ur application and wat u can do for the game


The starts your out as either a human,light elf,or dark elf it matters wat u choose.If you chose to be a human u start off as a citizen of a Kingdom Known as Kingdom Legacy.You can train to either join the Legacy knights,join the warriors guild,join the mage guild,or join the bandit guild,or you can choose to leave your kingdom and train to join the guild known as The Phantoms.To become a Legacy Knight youmust join the tourney to become one it is a regular knock-out tourney whoever wins becomes a knight but if we see another person with skill we can let two ppl into the knights.
The Knights are split into 4 squads.The Rose Squad,The Dragoon Squad,the Legend Squad, and the Elimination Squad.You will be put into a squad on how we think how strong you are here are the rankings or the squads.
1.)Legend Squad
2.)Dragoon Squad
3.)Elimination Squad
4.)Rose Squad
So if we find u weak u will be put into the Rose Squad.Or if the other way around you can be put into another Squad.Knights take on Important jobs for the kingdom like protecting
someone or jus bringing letters to other races.
Now to Explain the Warrior Guild.
To join the warrior guild you must be strong enough and be able to pass the test for it.The leader of the warrior guild will provide tests for you.The Warrior guild is split into 3 Squads.The Blade Squad,The Spear Squad,and The
Axe Squad.Mattering on your weapon of chose or sometimes they will pick a weapon for you.

The Mage Guild
The mage guild is fairly easy to join you jus have to talk to the leader to join.The mage guild learns many magic skills such as Fireball,Ice Blast,and Lightning Strike,or maybe just Healing.
The mage guild is split into 4 Squads.
The Fire Squad,The Healing Squad,The Lightning Squad,and The Ice Squad.
You will randomly be put into a squad and can learn many magic skills of the type your squad is.

The Bandit Guild
The Bandit guild is a fairly hard guild to join.The leader will send you on a mission to plede your loyalty to the guild such as Killing a Orc,and maybe helping a person.If matters wat the leader asks you to do.
The Bandit guild is split into 2 Squads.
The Honor Squad and the Dishonor Squad.
You must be wondering why jus those two squads? well its because the Honor Squad only takes missions that help people not to kill people unlike the dishonor squad.The dishonor squads doesnt care wat the mission is about as long as they get the money.

The Ranks:
always in every guild you will be given a rank.
you can Train and battle others to rank up or jus stay the rank you are.
The ranks are in order for start to finish
Guild Leader
I know not that many ranks right?
but it will be fairly hard to rank up so dont worry about that.
Mage Guild Ranks:Mage guild ranks are different from the other guilds ranks.
Citizen(before u join a guild)
Mage in Training
Experienced Mage
Elite Mage/Priest(for healing)
(element of your squad)Master
for ex.Fire Master,Lightning Master,etc..
except for healing squad their leader is a rank called Bishop

not your wondering about the phantom guild right?
well let me explain that now.
The Phantom guild is a Evil guild that is set out to ruin missions of the guilds and knights.Sometimes will be given missions to attack the kingdom even.They will learn many dark skills.

Light Elves
Vicious little things that despise the human race.they will kill you if you get on their bad side.Luckily u can choose this race huh?
So if your lucky u might meet a nice light elf and he will spare your life.They learn many attack magics and healing magics.

Dark Elves
These elves are not as hostile as the light elves.They will talk to humans and sell u stuff.This race is also pickable ^^.They do not get along with the light wonder why they live so far apart.They learn the same skills as Light Elves.

Other Guild:

Thank you for reading just ask me about anything else i didnt explain


Player Rules:
1.)You can Cuss but not too much
(warning,then mute,then boot if you keep doing it)
2.)No Racism
(1-2day ban,if you keep doing perm ban)
3.)No asking for Admin
4.)Dont Abuse Bugs if Found.
more to be added as time goes.

GM Rules:
1.)Dont summon people for No reason
2.)Dont telekill
3.)Dont Abuse your powers
(you could lose them if you abused serious enough)
4.)Be nice to the players and follow the player rules

1.)HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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