DragonBall Z: Saga

by LionChai Productions
DragonBall Z: Saga
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Date added: Sep 17 2011
Last updated: May 2 2013
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In need of GOOD GFX and iconners that doesn't mind making clothing and a coder

-Fun gameplay

-No grinding


-Good graphics

-No races left behind. All races have cool transformations and cool abilities

-"Story mode" for each class. Good PvE. For example, half-saiyans fight off Raditz and work their way up to the forms of Frieza and follows the story of DBZ. Iceling story mode involves fighting and massacring citizens of planets and capturing the bases to take them over, and moves up to fighting the Z fighters and take them down one by one to future trunks, then fighting cell and buu to secure your status as the most powerful being in the universe.

-Balanced. Not a game where you grind and then one hit punch everyone. The strongest moves such as big-bang kamehameha requires a massive amount of ki, and needs fusion of 2 super saiyan 3s or 4s to be able to use without draining all your ki.

-You automatically fly when you touch water, so you can't fly and become invulnerable to projectiles like other DBZ games. The fly technique instead now makes you fly up high in the air, where you can travel faster and have aerial combat. The downside is that if you get hit hard enough, you crash down to the ground.

////////////////STORY LINES////////////////

/////////////Offline SinglePlayer//////////////
-1000 years after the dbz series
-worlds all in chaos and battleing for Earth
-Zwarriors are nowhere to be found
-A foe named "Damian" is trying to destroy everything we know
////////////SAIYAN/HALF SAIYAN/////////////////
-become a ZWarrior and protect the worlds or join Damian and his plans
-fight close combat or long range
-have balanced stats (All stats are Med-High)
-has 10% chance to transform into a Legendary Supersaiyan every time you transform into a ssj3 or 4 (better chance at ssj4)
-gains a 5 min Exp boost from near death incounters
-has the choice to cut tail and gain the Majin Mark
-Join Damian's army and fight off the ZWarriors
-fight close range
-stats are a "Rusher" Type (veryhigh speed, med str, med def, high vit, low-med intelligence)
-has 7% chance to transform in to a 100% power Form everytime you transform into your 4th form
-gains a temp stat of the following (+15-25 str, +15-25 def, +20-30vit) when a Team member dies in your screen
-Help the ZWarriors fight and find the DragonBalls
-Fight close range or med range
-stats are "Nutural" you have alot of space to build your char how you want him/her
-Can help other players unlock there hiddin potintal
///////////////Online Multiplayer//////////////
-Fight and do missions to gain influence and raid other citys
-generaly have fun and dont abuse the game with "Excesive Curseing" and Adult Sites ect you get it
-Please feel free to Make suggestions on the forums
-side note dont complain if your dieing alot just get stronger
-if you can icon program gfx HOST please make a app but only if you can be reliant and dedicated

-Elochai-Admin Rank(Owner)-Position(Iconner,Programmer,Forum Admin)


Regie321: (Jan 14 2012, 5:51 am)
ihope that u will put this game up it seems very good
Elochai: (Dec 4 2011, 7:06 pm)
ive sorta Inherited a few games but i will put of for Beta Again since this is a New Hub sorry for the Delay
Regie321: (Nov 23 2011, 1:10 pm)
when is it up
LionChai Productions: (Oct 30 2011, 3:02 pm)
Yoichi60 wrote:
When it'll come back. It looks like awesome ^^

Soon i promise
LionChai Productions: (Oct 27 2011, 2:35 pm)
Lost the src so im starting over if anyone can Gfx or icon or code and wants to help the game ask and give a example of your work