Dragon Universe

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Dragon Universe
In this shonen-inspired sandbox game the players create everything (houses, items, technology, and more). This game has a lot of depth and things you can do. [More]

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Description: This game is an action sandbox RPG where players have control over most aspects of the game. It operates like a real universe instead of a theme park game "on tracks"

In addition to all the shonen-inspired stuff you can do in this game, you can also do many other things, such as:

  • It is a sandbox, you are not provided with any direction, you create your own goals, and can do anything. Players aren't forced down a preset path.

  • Your power never stops growing, and your character's stats are highly customizable.

  • All technology is made by players. There are 100s of items you can make, all are useful and serve a unique purpose.

  • You can explore a vast galaxy full of riches consisting of at least 12 planets or realms (Heaven/Hell/etc, which aren't planets)

  • You can conquer planets and control the resources and players of the planet, and make a drone army that enforces laws you create.

  • There is a bounty hunting network, which you can use to make and collect bounties on other players.

  • Automated PVP tournaments which have great rewards and occur regularly.

  • You can use science to become a highly customizable cyborg using different modules to create desired effects, or build an android body from scratch and mind transfer into it

  • Server settings are highly customizable by the host, which can change gameplay drastically from server to server. So there is a lot of variety between servers compared to other BYOND games.

  • Players can make their own custom skills which have an extreme amount of variety you can create.

  • There are at least 50 preset skills which all server a unique purpose. Players can teach any skill they know to another player.

  • On most games, time equals power. Not here. On here we try to make time spent a small part of your power. Instead, game knowledge and skill goes much further than in other games like this, and are the primary influences in how powerful you become.



yinzay(Malagross): im switch my covert account
Malagross is CovertX(Fabulously Awesome Guy): proof
Who885: (Yesterday, 6:06 pm)
Necrophades wrote:
Oh, and Ghost? Shes not the strongest person around, tbh. Shes like a mini-covert.

Never said she was the strongest. Just said she's good lol. And she is better then covert lol. Iv never seen covert do anything special other then when he is on his own server. Hell I thought he stopped playing because he got banned from hosting.

Necrophades: (Yesterday, 5:46 pm)
Oh, and Ghost? Shes not the strongest person around, tbh. Shes like a mini-covert.
Necrophades: (Yesterday, 5:29 pm)
Kirito, you get rekt by people 30% of your bp. You're not even the best at gaining BP. I'm smarter in strategy than most players here to the point where even if I lose, the other person dies. You however....no one even knows you. You're weaksauce.
Furthermore, the list wasn't in order. so yuh
Who885: (Yesterday, 4:00 pm)
Kirito this is all I have to say to you. Who are you lol Iv never seen or heard of you ingame and you say your one of the better players. For a game like this it's almost impossible to make a list of the best players. There's always gonna be someone with a build who might be terrible but can rofl stomp your build. Or some one who may not be strong individually but stronger in a group.