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Dragon Universe
In this Dragon Ball Z sandbox game the players create everything (houses, items, technology, and more). This game has a lot of depth and things you can do. [More]

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Description: This game is an action sandbox RPG where players have control over most aspects of the game. It operates like a real universe instead of a theme park game "on tracks"

In addition to all the Dragon Ball Z stuff you can do in this game, you can also do many other things, such as:

  • It is a sandbox, you are not provided with any direction, you create your own goals, and can do anything. Players aren't forced down a preset path.

  • Your power never stops growing, and your character's stats are highly customizable.

  • All technology is made by players. There are 100s of items you can make, all are useful and serve a unique purpose.

  • You can explore a vast galaxy full of riches consisting of at least 12 planets or realms (Heaven/Hell/etc, which aren't planets)

  • You can conquer planets and control the resources and players of the planet, and make a drone army that enforces laws you create.

  • There is a bounty hunting network, which you can use to make and collect bounties on other players.

  • Automated PVP tournaments which have great rewards and occur regularly.

  • You can use science to become a highly customizable cyborg using different modules to create desired effects, or build an android body from scratch and mind transfer into it

  • Server settings are highly customizable by the host, which can change gameplay drastically from server to server. So there is a lot of variety between servers compared to other BYOND games.

  • Players can make their own custom skills which have an extreme amount of variety you can create.

  • There are at least 50 preset skills which all server a unique purpose. Players can teach any skill they know to another player.

  • On most games, time equals power. Not here. On here we try to make time spent a small part of your power. Instead, game knowledge and skill goes much further than in other games like this, and are the primary influences in how powerful you become.

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Cabelas: (Yesterday, 10:32 pm)
Ocean112 wrote:
I don't think many understand how annoying the "heaven" trap is. I started playing yesterday & quit instantly after making a character & being trapped.

As Exgen said, Douchebag tactics/Douchebag attitudes/personalities will always win on DU. The more you backstab the weak links and get stronger links by doing so, the more you prosper. It's a game of deception. There's plenty of other servers that are private that aren't like that one, or there's Han's server or the RP server. Either of those are fairly decent servers.
Ocean112: (Yesterday, 10:24 pm)
I don't think many understand how annoying the "heaven" trap is. I started playing yesterday & quit instantly after making a character & being trapped.
Paragdoom: (Yesterday, 8:00 pm)
HALP lssj op
EXGenesis: (Yesterday, 3:38 pm)
Zaagan wrote:
A couple of people on the official server has jailed the spawn point in heaven, so when u die ur traped. IF u manage to get out somehow, they have jailed the Ball that revives you too.Technicaly u will be perm dead stuck in a 10x tile box(or if ur super lucky u can wander in hell).BUT when u open the build tab they say not to abuse building or you get banned...bullshit. I heard they even make money out of this, unbelivable.Take measures, appoint capable enforces !!!


The situation in question isn't breaking any rules. Unfortunately, very trolly methods such as these are currently the only way to stop the zero impact death has, due to the fact when you die, you keep a significant portion of power, teleport back to the person who killed you and keep attacking, rinse and repeat until you win by attrition and then absorb to have your life restored.

TL:DR Death is meaningless, douchebag tactics are the only solution.
EXGenesis: (Yesterday, 3:34 pm)
N00by Ninja wrote:
To be honest, as an old player who used to play this game, I can give you my reasoning as to why I won't play this game [yet I still check in to ee how it's doing, I'm a little attached to this game for life, played it for too long]. It's a few things, and to be honest, I haven't played in forever so there are probably a lot of changes since I last played, but since people are blaming ExGens alone, I think you're forgetting a few things:

1) Don't just blame ExGens
Don't get me wrong, I don't like how theres coded admins in general, I'll adress this later, but you can't deny that there have been WAY WORSE admins in the past. Nenshou for example, used to literally get people to pay for him to keep his server up. Or there were people who'd send him nude photos just to get admin. So come on, the way it is now, you should feel blessed.

2) Packages and Special Characters
Has been said a million times, I don't even need to really address this. However, I will add to the special characters. A lot of you will not know who Jeal is, but he basically paid Tens a lot of money for a special character that was rediculously over powered. It was a character based off of Galactus. It basically ruined the game. Also, from my personal experience years ago, ExGens had his own special character that spawned in space and used to destroy me anytime I tried to mine space. Yep, those were the days. To be fair, ExGens character was too over powered, but nothing can ever compare to Galactus.

3) Characters aren't fair.
Now I haven't played in years so I may be wrong here, but each character is not fair. What I mean is, if you play a fighting game, theres some balance. Even if you use one character who is harder to use than another, you can still win because there is balance. In Finale [Not going to call this retro, maybe I should call it super finale?], it was somewhat like this. I remember when a Spirit Doll was extremely feared same with Namekians. But what I noticed is that as time passed, and it may not be like this anymore, but saiyans were just too strong. SSj was too easy to get [especially if you were friends with the admin team], and other classes just couldn't catch up in time. It basically ruined the fun. Remember, I haven't played in a while, things have probably changed.

4) Death
This is the big one for me. I used to make a Kaio just to make end-game fun because nobody usually makes it fun. Basically, you roleplay a character. How about this, I'll give you an example that correlates with my previous story when ExGens killed me when I was a scientist who used to cyborg himself. Okay, so you just made a huge achievement. You completely control your planet, you are starting to colonize space, and then boom. You lose it all in a few minutes. You die and go to the after life and what do you see? Nothing. Nothing is happening. No roleplay, no fun, nothing. What are you likely to do, recreate? After all that hard work? No way. However, what I usually ended up doing, was either recreating, or joining another server. End game always ends up not being fun, and this is mainly due to a few reasons but to make it brief, there isn't enough motivation. If kaios or demons were given more powers, it might make things interesting. Basically, if say for example, ranks were disallowed, and if the first kaio to reach x variable became NK or something [basically, achieves KK] or something, then there might be more kaios. Just a random idea. I honestly don't know how to spice up the AL, I just used to be a kaio and try my best to be as holy as possible, help people, etc. I ended up getting used a lot, but it was okay because I was Over powered anyways [energy pure with KK... yeah, mastered 20x like nothing and I even had Split Form :D].

Anyways, thats just my 10 cents because I saw some people here complaining its all ExGens fault people leave. Trust me, people will always leave, but some people will never leave because of the memories they had on this game. I don't play, but I still check in every now and then because I used to have a blast playing this game everyday.

- David


Don't forget, you guys have it good compared to the past. I once was about to beat Nenshou when he was unconcious. He decided to unKo himself, give himself SSJ4, and then kill me. Yep, good times.

1) There are no custom / special races now.
2) I was using Galactus too.
3) Balance is improving, Saiyans aren't even tier 0/1 any more. (Aliens are the undisputed kings of DU currently, excluding cheese builds aimed at certain stages of a wipe.)
4) Unfortunately, Death went the opposite way now. Death has like no impact. People can absorb their life back, Revive is simply a timer with no real penalty, Hell Altar allows you to revive yourself by becoming a Vampire.
5) Kaio's still suck sadly.