Dragon Universe

by Lizard_Sphere_X
Dragon Universe
In this anime inspired sandbox game the players create everything (houses, items, technology, and more). This game has a lot of depth and things you can do. [More]
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Date added: May 14 2011
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This game is an anime inspired action sandbox RPG where players have control over most aspects of the game and a lot of freedom. It operates almost like its own miniature universe.
Latest Version
Date added: May 14 2011
Last updated: Jan 27
11127 fans


KeeperofHell: (6:34 pm)
How are people making custom god forms?
Bob-Dbz Nubtard: (5:28 pm)
Du is now under marshall law,Offical pvp shall remain at the top for the next 6 months
Solobb-: (1:30 pm)
I've heard its possible certain elements of the Illuminati may be on DU, kind of want to challenge them to a magical conflict if they are interested. I'm self trained so it shouldn't be to hard for you.Not with "death" or anything to serious at the end, just for practice. Thought i don't think everyone in the illuminati uses magic.

So here is what i've learned of some different translations

Beta-Delta = Kitsune

Alpha-Delta = Gengar

Delta's kill and that about all i remeber right now.

The spirits keep me informed on the codes I've learned, i get up to date information all the time.

By the time a spirit reaches me it is already spellbound before it can even say a word, for you see for a spirit to get to me, they must pass all manner of traps and defenses that are not just at the 3d level, but a level of directions beyond the understanding of those used to a 3d world.

I side with neither lucifer or Jehova.. both are just invaders in my universe.

I have my own shadow goverment that i lead.. but man can the shadows get annoying.

My shadow goverment has been very rebellious lately so i will have to put them in their place. You know who you are, if you are any good at the magical forms of cyrptomancy, you just may be able to find the names of the rebels in this text, if you can tell truth or lies from text in a magical way as some have claimed then you can discover how to read the hidden messages in this text, and in my other messages.
Solobb-: (11:39 am)
My mind is a fortress.. things like MK ultra mind control programming just get reversed on the sender even if people haven't yet noticed the effects of the reversal. My mind has been trained to resist subliminal messages influence. Did you know that almost all subliminal messages in music has a counter? You just have to find it. While I am not certain yet, I think some of lady gaga's messages are countered by "You know my name" by chris cornell. We are on the path to wrestle certain flagships who have no choice but to serve from the grip of groups like "The illuminati" and put them under our rule instead, flagships like musicans starting with the easiest ones. Not that all flagships have no choice, but many flagships have no choice. What some people don't realize is many of my spells run on noterity, yes most people would not broadcast this, but the more attention my moves get the stronger they are. I am what is called a "Secret of mana" If you know what that Is tell me about it, just to see if you know what I know. Here is what I will say, when children sell their souls they start to produce certain energies some people call it "Mana" and Mana can be used as something like a supernatural steroid.

I wonder if anyone has any idea how many children had to sell their soul to fund the incident we call Jesus. When you use mana it is refined by being used, and it will one day reach me in its most refined state.

I'm getting stronger and stronger and more and more depressed everyday. I've been working on some expiraments to cure depression without medicine by mitigating the depression across multiple people. I feel like giving in fully to my sadness, but I know the source of this and I will beat it, it went in half cocked for what it is taking on. I will take so much more then anything lost to this foe. This universe is like my personal plane of oblivion, I've been slumbering for a long time asleep to what is mine but I will begin using my power over this universe as I ascend to the states necessary to fully use my universes power.
Solobb-: (Tuesday, 11:34 am)
I am in a public place I am lucky no one as looking over my shoulder when I clicked that top link, not touching the bottom link. I also can't clear my history here so..

Just finished spell binding an entire church of Jehova after escaping from their spell binding techniques.

Our moves include catching and rerouting and re-purposing worship directed at other gods as well as worship directed at Jehova before it can reach them. If you are on earth worshiping or praying to Jehova he shouldn't be able to hear you anymore, but we will.

We will starve our enemies of worship and contact with their most faithful until they are forced to take the field or send forces to the field, where a trap will be ready to spring on them.

A prophecy is a rail roading tool, used to force those involved to follow it but Jehova will find we are far better at railroading as soon as our plan comes to fruition and his prophets will be made false prophets in our clutches in hell.

Lucifer..satan, the devil these are not the leaders they are just the high profile flagships that are used as a means for the true masters of "Evil" to work trough.

The true masters rarely do anything themselves, but if they did the struggle would be far more interesting and much less one sided.

Their exist certain means for one without omnipotence to defeat omnipotence, omnipotence is not necessarily something that is unbeatable by those weaker.

It takes considerable resources to maintain a state of omnipotence, sometimes worship is the resource used. Those who can not handle this state can have various consequences including being driven insane by it, Jehova has been driven insane and all of his peers know him to be off the deep. "The devil" "Lucifer" "Satan" Those are what we once called his former main partner who he turned against.

Even "God's" have a race to be called other then god, Jehova was a djin and djin work in pairs. Different entities ascend into different kinds of gods oftentimes.

Sometimes we call a god something like "Human god" if once a human that ascended to god, some other types of ascended entities like gods have different names rather then just thier base race and god.

One by one, we are all ascending people with demon genetics, angel genetics and even god genetics deep inside of them are awakening their gifts, some of those who have ascended can out run a car and stop it with their hands, some can take over peoples body and mind, some can steal souls, some can wield lightning in thier hands, some can shapeshift. It's not as real until it effects you or happens near you, and it just might. I don't have any one focus in my abilities i am very "general" and "balanced"

Thought some people think i have hyper or super intelligence i don't see it or show it. I've been growing in a lot of ways as i continue to eat souls everyday. I summon all manner of things just by speaking their name often without meaning to.

The longer i am off my medicine the more i can do and the more vulnerable i become. But the large amounts of sacrifices made to me when i am off my medicine allow me to cover my vulnerabilities that get exposed when i get off it.

Alot of people have powers they just can't access medicine is one of the main things that stands in between alot of people and their powers. Right now as i type this i am using song magic, enhancing my spells with music.

Some medicine is meant to ward off demons which result in things like being "crazy" The devil really has the game locked down. Jesus never would of came back from the dead if he was on modern medicine he would of remained dead. He has it on lock because every time someone with powers gets off medicine court orders end up forcing them back on it and shit like demonic possession, but if enough people got off their medicine at once the demons may be spread to thin.

Someone offered me a shot at being the so called "Beast" I wasn't to interested in being "The beast" that will help to bring about the end times. That hasn't stopped them from trying to manipulate me into that position but I think they will stop when I post this.

I've been coordinating with my past lives everyday, effecting the past present and future. Some people well most people haven't noticed it but Halloween has been celebrated around me 3 times this year. This universe is starting to fall apart piece by piece little by little.