Naruto Shippuden: Into Darkness

by Louis53
Naruto Shippuden: Into Darkness
Original Naruto MMORPG game with a lots of cool stuffs based on the source NNG v1.9 create by berlin2000 and all credits goes to him for the source! [More]

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Version 0.2: Close Beta Test
Date added: Jun 14 2014
Last updated: Jun 10 2016
Last played: Jun 27 2017
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*For any suggestion pm me or write here(commentary)*


HGE Production Present...


Enter into the darkness of the shinobi world...

-Train hard

-Fight Hard

and... Try to survive...

Original Naruto MMORPG game with a lots of cool stuffs based on the source NNG v1.9 create by berlin2000 and all credits goes to him for the source!


*Rules will be display in game*


Naruto Shippuden: Into Darkness
Welcome to The OPEN BETA TEST!
You may encounter lag and bugs contact me if there is!

Version 0.2:

Lots of minor bugs fix!
Genin and Chunin timer added!
Mission NPC added in sub room!
DC NPC added!
Sub has new features!
Rebirth added!
Added Darkness Coins!
Namikaze done!
EMS and Susano'O added!
You can now report bugs from our site!
Mission gives double stats and more influence!
You can lock lock your stats!
Golden Age add!
New Subscriber room!
Susano'o Fixed!
Taka added!
Bijuu added(Still In Test)
CS2 added
Chakra Blade added!
Lots of small fix!
Taijutsu cooldown fix!
Mount Myobuku training add for sage mode!
Subscriber can now teleport them back to spawn!
GM can now make Kage!
Training now a bit faster!
Change the traveling system!(New animation)
Change all game GFX(Thx to UnknownASASOP(Madrea)!
Fixed muted issues!
Amaterasu and Susanoo are no longer given by there npc!
Eternal Mangekyou Sharinagn now maturing at lvl 150 when you reach 100 kills!
Mangekyou Sharingan now maturing at lvl 100 when you reach 50 kills!

Version 0.1:

Susanno Add given by Sasuke!
Eternal Mangekyou Add given by Tobi!
Puppet Clan Add!
Toxic Clan Add!
Clay Clan Add!
Modify Justu!
Fix bug!
Amaterasu Add given by Itachi!
Mangekyou Add given by Itachi!
3 Tomoes Fix!
Tobi Mask Add!
Uchiha Justu Add!
Oodama Rasengan Add given by Jiraya!
Sage Mode Add given by Jiraya!
Traveling System add!

Version 0.0:

Auto Afk Check add!
Some Command add!
Some fix add.
Hirashin add for Namikaze!
1th village justu of leaf is now one thousand years of death!
3th village justu of leaf is fire flame dragon blast!
2th village justu of leaf is now fireball!
Namikaze clan add and work!:D(Thank to Louis53)
Add The forum in the link
Few NPC are change
Toxic clan add in test
Namikaze clan add in test
All the mission npc are change
GM Verb add
Tournament add(Thank to Ryan:D)
OOC add
Owner Title is now blue
GM Title is now teal
Now academy student have a yellow (A) under his head
LvL 100+ have now a red star under he head
Leader have now a green star under he head
Chakra is now Dark blue
Add hub in file


Co-Owner(PR(Public Relationship)):Charles354

GM(PR(Public Relationship)):Open
Mod(PR(Public Relationship)):Open

Any type of things who can help a game(Host,icon,code,gfx,map):Semi-Open(Depends what you can do and your sharing file program)

Good Luck and Have Fun playing this game!

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K1GAARA: (Mar 12 2016, 6:29 pm)
hey guys if you need a fun nng to play come try out mine :) (Note: It isnt 2.00) byond://

Naruto The last Ninja War
Alot of updates
Many Clans
All 9 Bijuus
Regular Tournies
and much more to come!
Louis53: (Feb 6 2016, 11:27 am)
Yea an original rip that's what I meant and I said it was a rip too I gave source credit to berlin2000
SinfulPhoenix: (Jan 23 2016, 8:32 am)
Why do you say it's an original game when you're using someone else's code. Lol. That's called a rip.