Pokemon Dark Chronicles

by Lugia134
Pokemon Dark Chronicles
Come and explore the world of pokemon, can u be the best? (Non rip) {Game under Development} 76% Done. [More]

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Version 1.9
Date added: May 25 2008
Last updated: May 7 2013
Last played: May 7 2013
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Well, i'm testing the game these days. It'll be hosted from time to time. I'm going to add NPC pokemons, so that you can catch them as well. I'll be thankful to you, if you report any bug. I'm completing this game now, i'm adding more stuff. Make sure, you be the part of our little world! (21st december 2010)
Hello guy's this a new Non rip pokemon game on byond,coded by Lugia134. In this game you get to be a pokemon or a trainer. it's up to you, how'd you like to play this. It's a nice game to play come in and see you're self. it's better thann rest! ¬Enjoy¬

Game completion: 76%

(need 120 pokemons(90 added) 100 attacks(70 added)7 cities with gym and badges(5 done)Well this game's story is based upon how two creatures interact with each other Pokemon's and Trainers!!... well don't worry about NPC's There will be alot of other fun stuff, I'm adding everything there's in movie & cartoon series.. So this game will be little more ordinary then every other game on byond!!!..


¬Updates(These things are being added)¬
1)Gym Added.
2)8 towns(20%)
3)120 pokemon count(15% will take a day to get them working)
4)Pokemon League(20%)
5)Digging Cave(done, works fine)
6)Pokemon(Things in which they won't get bored easily 50% done)
7)Legendary Pokemon(All will be added 80% done)
8)Badge System(Done)
9)One Starting NPC Pokemon(Done, Don't think they'd be require when there will be more live people, who've chosedn to be a pokemon).
10)Much more stuff.
11)Party Room(Done)
12)Bike's and a lot other stuff, you'll see once game's completed and you join.
13)Team rocket and other teams added!



Lugia134: (Jul 30 2013, 7:13 am)
Nope, it isn't dead. I am trying to get NPC pokemons coded in as soon as possible. Thank you :).
Vexxen: (Jul 8 2013, 12:28 am)
The game was updated on May 7, so I'm assuming this game isn't dead at all?
Log112: (Sep 16 2011, 1:20 am)
Linton1: (Sep 1 2011, 12:24 pm)