Rise of heroes : Expansion

by Lugia134
Rise of heroes : Expansion
Come and see, Nice game to play!! Game now PVP!!! Have fun [More]

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Version 2
Date added: Feb 5 2008
Last updated: Aug 21 2010
Last played: Dec 21 2010
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Game's back. This is a new version of Xerse rise of heroes. Which is fully updated , there are alot of new thing's in it. I think you people will find it good. I'll be updating it and adding more stuff in it. Join to see yourself... It's goin' to be the most amazing game to play. 21st-August-2010

Note: Event system is being added now.
1)PVP (Summoning spells are only left! You can check PVP Spells)
2)Another Main hell with Big satan(Coming Soon)
3)Adding more monsters(60%)
4)Completing Mountain pass(dONE)
5)Hell with 7 levels Added and Satan too(Completed)
6)Added For GM's now can they can move anythin' by just draging it on their screen(Done)
7)Spell for players(By what they can click move)(Done Would be availiable in T6)
8)Town 6 addedd and pets.
9)Evil Heaven Added
And this stuff is also comin' along:-
Class leaders get the following prievileges(damn my spelling):
-Special icon
/only they can have it
+/ no one else can even TRANSFORM into it.

-Special spells/weapons
/Warriors get a Sword
2/Mages get a spell
3/Wizards get a spell
4/Monks get a super fist spell
5/Shamans get a health and mana mega heal spell
+5/ or a summon spell( see Lordis)

For leaders: if they had killled both bosses.
Claimed the Mmbahfather,ExPeRiAnCe, and Miraboreas.
(all before they were nominated to be a Leader)
PVP spells and stuff.


(Level 30) Inferno: a columm of fire burns the target for 200-500dmg.
(lvl 50) Incende: a fire dragon attacks the target one time for 1000-4000 damage.
(???) Lordis: a giant Red Dragon from the depths of hell rises and breathes fire and attacks 3 times on the target for a total of 10000-26300 dmg.


(Level 30) Hail: a Shower of ice rains down of the target causing 200-500dmg.
(lvl 50)furi-zu: a giant turrent of ice rams the target for 1000-4000dmg
(???) Lao-Zai: a Frozen Apocalyptic god rises from the earth and breaks the ice, sending it flying every where causing 3000-5000dmg, he then breathes his toxic ice breath at the target for 7000-21300dmg.

Pvp Spells V.2

Aura blast: a blast of dark energy rips through the target causing 16,000-30,000
Aura'z Deprico: a black disk of energy cuts through the target multiple times causing 92,000-1,000,000 (( SUPER RARE DROP ONLY FROM CAINE ))

Lathander's Burning Candle: it radiates the caster in a glow of light...making them immune to any dark spells for 10 seconds... however...they can't cast any dark spells...

Katon Blast: shoots a blast of fire for 600-980


Air tunnel: blasts a beam of wind at the target making them fall back ( paralyze for 4 seconds )

Vampire's cove

the vampires cove has 3 Levels
it consists of stronger and stronger vampires.
Light spells are auto-kill for them.
the weakest vampire ( entrance) are level 200. and when they attack you theres a 10% chance that you will be paralyzed and start to loose 10000hp a sec for 3 seconds. you have a 50% chance to knock them off of feeding on you.

at the end... there sits Caine... he is very strong... and has a 90% chance to automatically feed on you. every time he feeds he regains health... if you aren't close to him...he casts aura blast! very fast and rapidly.
he does major melee damage as well. the only way to kill him is to paralyze him with a very strong light spell

Almst done(4th may 2008)


Thanks to Xerse for the source code, and Fatlardoclone.Now i'll be updating it, so it's in my hands now!


Note (Thing's Updated):Many updates, new areas of monsters. Come and see, hell addedd and new town with mountain pass.New race in(Shanman) with new spells..., and pet system comin' soon along with more skills spells!
Game is updated daily!


I'm back now. Make sure, you try this game ;) -21 Aug 2010-