Naruto Absolution

by Magicpaper1337
Naruto Absolution
We finally started on the source, well back on it. [More]

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Version 1.1
Date added: Aug 20 2013
Last updated: Jan 24 2014
Last played: Jan 20 2014
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We finally got started on fixing up the source, since we don't have any professionals on our team and stuff, this is going to be a long while, sorry for the people who fanned this, it's gonna be a while.

In other news, if you'd like to help, add me on pager and we can go from there, if you want money for editing a source, I can try, but anyways, we're having a long process. - Magicpaper1337

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Progress is pretty slow at the moment since I haven't programmed BYOND in quite a while, but there's no reason for the game to not be up quite soon. ~Mario289


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Mario289: Owner/Editor


Koyan: (Jan 20 2014, 3:24 pm)
I am waiting......