Second Chance

by Maging Warrior
Second Chance
It's time to join the incredible battle.. [More]

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Date added: Mar 3 2007
Last updated: Mar 4 2007
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It's time to join the incredible battle..

After dying in an epic battle in a last chance to save your city from the armies of the dark, you are taken to the gates of what you think is Heaven, when a shadowed figure takes you into a dark room. Here, he askes you if you'd like a second chance, for your good deeds and bravery trying to save the city you've known for so tell him "Yes" in a scared, hushed voice, and he places his hand on your head, chants some words, and all of a sudden, you find yourself on the battlefield you thought you died upon....this is your second chance....this is your chance to take back your pride....go for it.

A game based off the ideas of GunZ: The Duel, but, mainly meant to prove that Gun Hero -The New Era- sucks overall (a crappily coded game by Mista-mage123, in when I told him it was poorly coded and I could code a better game in days, he told me "no it isnt" and banned me. So yeah.)

Current Features In Version 100:

A maximum level of 50
A shop (to buy different clothes and weaponry from)
Quest Mode (I plan on improving it later, for now there's only 20 waves)
PvP Mode (Four maps)

This is in the works in my spare time, seeing as it's only a project to prove someone elses sucks, but I hope you'll like it and that I don't disappoint you if you're a GunZ fan....but for the best gameplay GunZ style, there's only one game that can achieve that, and you'll find that at