Tales of Judgement

by Mana Production
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Version 5.0.93 BETA
Date added: Jun 22 2011
Last updated: Aug 27
Last played: Sunday
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Tales of Judgement
Fate is the eternal cycle of judgment, Only few chosen will able to break this Fate, will you be one of the chosen? [More]

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- Open for Beta Testing, Everyone Welcome -

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Tales of Judgement has now an official wikia made by TikTik & Team Mana

http://tales-of-judgement.wikia.com/wiki/ Tales_of_Judgement_Wiki

The Team

  • Leon Magnus / Kyle Dunamis / Guy Cecil (Soma Schicksal)- Owner, Programmer
  • Lord Shuyin / Dhaos / Shing Meteoryte (Axl 1) - Owner, Pixel Artist
  • Fayth / Arche (Xhaos) - Admin, Assistant Coder
  • Mog Reiuji (TARDIS) - Co-Owner, Idealist, Assistant Pixel Artist
  • Takeshi / Asch The Bloody (Samachi) - Co-Owner, Game Guide
  • Hana / Farah Oersted (DhahimeChan) - Head Admin, Battle Sprite Helper

The Admins

Tales of Judgement

--------General Rules-------
1. Don't abuse glitches.
2. Feel free to ask about a possible pwipe.
3. Use appropriate language, including names of characters.
4. Don't ask for someone to level you up.
5. Don't ask for GM.
6. No advertising.
7. Obey GM/Owner judgement.
8. No spamming.
9. No bragging.
10. Don't avoid punishment given.

Copyright 2014 Tales of Judgement.

Character sprites and backgrounds are copyright Namco Bandai Tales studio. Map sprites are copyright RPG Maker XP. All rights reserved.


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Beta Tester

Earned by Rai18
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Xorital: (Feb 26, 6:49 pm)
In response to the one complaining about barely surviving the first dungeon..

In most tales games you have a 4 man party by the first dungeon. So trying to solo something meant for 4 is supposed to be hard :P
Jonasz: (Feb 17, 8:49 am)
Theres is an teacher system planed so that stronger players can go Down in lvls too help weaker players train and get them thought some Places. i don.t know when it will be done but its planed, but i do agree that grinding form lvl 5 to 9 just to barely survive the first dungeon can be really boring. but remember this game is not done yet so it could be changed, and if you could steamroll everything you meet in every dungeon and every boss without even trying would it not just feel boring to but thats just my opinion.
Klonoaz: (Feb 16, 8:29 pm)
Why do games that could be really enjoying have to be grind fests? Its not fun when a game expects you to grind right at the start just so you don't get steamrolled by monsters in the first dungeon.
Jonasz: (Jan 24, 12:30 pm)
i would love for this too be hosted more becuase i think its an great game. and i would love for this too be 24/7 if possible. but im not here too demand something you won.t do or can.t for some reason.
Xhaos: (Dec 31 2013, 10:37 am)
Well doesn't that it rarely up, and the few times it was up 24/7 "new" people didn't stay because there was nobody on it.