Tales of Mana

by Mana Production
Tales of Mana
RPG of One's Journey In A World Of Mana. [More]
Version 1.0.76
Date added: Jun 19 2021
Last updated: Nov 19
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byond://BYOND.world.1466990055 [Game Name: Tales of Mana|Game Version: 1.0.78 Alpha (DEMO)|Players Online: 0(2)|Time/Season: Morning/Winter]
Hosted by Soma Ryudo

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- Development in progress -

Official Release: No Release Date Confirmed
BYOND Version Required: 514.1569+
Game Size: 130~ MBs
-- Note that you may experience black screen at login since the game will be loading the ressources --

Tales of Mana (ToM) is an original action RPG game, rebuilt from ToJR Project. Featuring 4 original playable characters with different playstyles.

Menu System
Party System (Up to 5 Members)
Skill System (Equippable Passives)
Plays likes a Tales Series 2D Game (ToJR Base).
An original story that follows the protagonist (player)'s journey.
Big Events such as Server v/s World Boss
A Battle System known as ATTO-LMBS (Aggressive Trust and Tactical Online Linear Motion Battle System)
Cooking System - Cook learned recipes to heal and boost your allies' power
Bestiary System - Discover stats from defeated enemies
PvP System - Fight other players in Casual or Ranking Battles* (*Note that Ranking Battles System is in development)

Map sprites are copyright RPG Maker XP. All rights reserved.

Special Thanks to:
The Rising Omega - Pixel Artist
XSky RiderX - Lighting System
Avidanimefan - Day & Night's Library
Kumorii - kii_Weather Library
Vibrato - Pixel Artist (Characters)
Miradin - Magic Animations

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