Bleach Hollow Within

by Marcinos13
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Date added: Nov 2 2010
Last updated: Nov 28 2010
Last played: Nov 30 2010
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Bleach Hollow Within
Owners- Marcinos13

Admins/GMs -

Player Rules:
1. No posting inappropiet content in OOC such as Porn(mute/ban)
2. No disrespecting GM's or Owners(boot/ban)
3. Have Fun!
4. No Asking For Gm (mute/boot/ban)
5. No posting links that dont refer to game (mute/boot)

Gm Rules(if you dont follow you lose all of your power FOREVER ):

1. Don't Abuse your powers
2. No Disrespecting Players
3. Follow all player rules
4. Have Fun Too !


Captains Ranks Beside 1st are 900k.

Squad 1 Captain is 1e+006.

All Leader Reqs are 1.2e+006, Co-Leaders are 1e+006.
Lieutant is 300k.

Espada #9 is 200k, #8 300k, #7 400k, #6 500k, #5 600k, #4 700k, #3 800k, #2 900k, #1 1e+006

Vaizards Ranks Are Same As Espada.

Squad 1 Captain:
Squad 1 Lieutenant:

Squad 2 Captain:
Squad 2 Lieutenant:

Squad 3 Captain:
Squad 3 Lieutenant:

Squad 4 Captain:
Squad 4 Lieutenant:

Squad 5 Captain:
Squad 5 Lieutenant:

Squad 6 Captain:
Squad 6 Lieutenant:

Squad 7 Captain:
Squad 7 Lieutenant:

Squad 8 Captain:
Squad 8 Lieutenant:

Squad 9 Captain:
Squad 9 Lieutenant:

Squad 10 Captain:
Squad 10 Lieutenant:

Squad 11 Captain:
Squad 11 Lieutenant:

Squad 12 Captain:
Squad 12 Lieutenant:

Squad 13 Captain:
Squad 13 Lieutenant: