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Date added: Aug 23 2004
Last updated: Jun 18 2007
Last played: Apr 25 2012
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The Legendary Dragonball Gekisen Is officially in protected custody from people who like to ruin it.

Join the game that you all love and miss without the corrupt gms to ruin it for you.


ChaosAfterDeath: (Dec 20 2020, 8:12 am)
I miss you - Arkaine
Vegetto7: (Sep 6 2020, 3:15 pm)
Hello if you ran across this post then you're looking for dragonball Gekisen, while its no longer around I've created a game that carries it on in spirit if you like to join us over at
Team Hybrid: (Jul 2 2019, 12:11 am)
Alright another long post, not really... I decided to update the ROTF hud... user, password... and a link... the host files are on the hud itself... so if you wish to host the game, the game will show up only on. as far as the host files... the link is in the description under the waiting list... top section part.. just click the "here" link. Just to clarify, this project is not under active development, nor probably will be at any given point. No I won't release the source files... so don't ask. I recompiled this with the new settings and made sure it ran within dream-seeker. I may or may not post updates... who knows.. we will see.
Team Hybrid: (Jun 23 2019, 1:57 am)
For those die hard fans... I did a post.. a 2019 post in response to a post... but it kinda gives some answers as to what and how the direction took with DB Gekisen. For those who don't know.. its me Kadajz... from the Apr 19 2017 post... however, you can check it out here. For a long while, the hub and account was shut down. But as of late.. Kinda felt like re-enabling it.. so there you go.

But for those who wish to read on in a lenghtly post, both which are... feel free...
VegetoXL wrote:
kadajz do you still have source?

I do, however after looking it sometime around 2017... I realized that there would have to be another update/patch to kind of contend with the BYOND UI changes and update with how Byond functions to date... vs to what it was. Also with a number of stuff going on, I failed to get initally into doing this update along with things going across internet, and off... I kinda had to pull the plug in a sense. I was going to release the host files with the update but depricate moderator involvement and delete guild houses aside from shinra inc... since thats a standing building that built part of the character of the game I was going to leave it and delete keys... I may or may not pick this project up... been debating it. Alot of the procrastination, well copyright and licensing... I could creative commons attributation of it.. and release host files so people could host their own servers, Unmoderated of course... however there were several underlying issues with it that I havn't gotten arround to figuring it out... since things came up, this isn't neceserrly in the bin per say... but it is so far back on the production shelf, its a wonder why it is even there to begin with. As far as the late commentary goes... well. Reasons... I do happen to stream working on stuff, more so than late.. involving 3D and Blender3D. For more information on that

Sharif wrote:

Yes...even that was posted like a year later than the post that I was responding too and this response is more or less a year later than that... well.. yeah.. :P

Also for those who are wondering yes... this is Kadajz, I re-activated this account, got it back and looking back and pondering a few other things... especially in release scale form towards byond... no idea yet.

General case rule... if I/Anyone were to release the game... it would be in a final form... no updates.. no staff.. no shenanagins... so current things like Dragonball Super would not be implimented into something like this... I mean... even the origin of the game/plot may or may not change... even the essence. There is alot to it.. so that is why it is on the shelf and has been this entire time.

Also a quick reminder, sometime between last postings.. last update... zetaboards went down, it was a place where I was going to have a forum dedicated to DBGekisen established, a forum service that has been long since discontinued. So disregard the forum links since they are no longer available in the post from...

Kadajz wrote:
Okay, so here is the deal... -rumages around some old files- I aparantly found my 1.49 stack files of DBGekisen, however... as I cannot remember the hub password or get a successful login into this hub it will be automatically forwarded to this hub... DBGekisen: Rebirth Of the Fallen the reason I am making an announcement if anyone catches it is not hosting the game itself, however I will be releasing host files and source code over a period of time located at disclosed location at another date when I have gotten the files together and sorted out appropriately... Onhtop of releasing the files I will making a few code edits here and there to include the release website from the in game content panel so stay tuned... also on that note the DBGekisen Forum I created a while back will be included in this escapade of code release for discussion and other flamboyant activities... and pull out your guns for this one... IT WILL BE UNMODERATED!!!! So don't expect a timely response from staff because as of on going this is indeed an inactive project but the code release and resource host file release will be of a nature of if someone wanted to develop the game in our stead they can as well as host their own game even using the provided hub information.

You guys, even though... its way way past dead... long since now and since the plug was initially pulled.. even though you all don't really play the game any longer.. or feel like it has been ruined.. I am kind of proud that I took part in Dragonball Gekisen and trying to give it a new breath of life.... It kind of makes me want to work on it again, even work within the byond enviornment again.. however.. things... are just not the same anymore especially with how things are even with copyright policies.

As always... Wreck some shit..
- Kadajz
- Team Hybrid
- Cybergig22 and

- Everyone who was part of Gekisen even the creator Masterdan for creating something so wonderful.
Sharif: (May 25 2018, 5:59 pm)