DragonBall Z Rise of the Z Warriors

by Masterkey210
This game is not a Rip! Come Play and Never Look Back For This is the BEST! [More]

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Date added: Sep 12 2010
Last updated: May 13 2011
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Welcome To Dragonball Z Rise of the Z Warriors! One of The Best Non Rip Games on Byond! The Game Wasn't Started by a rip Nor will it finish as one, The Creator of this game is currently working very hard to Finish The Game! The Game will be up for test runs and you are free to come and Play when they are!


Coding - 2%

Mapping - 0%

Quest - 1%

Last Updated 9/13/10


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Able To Turn Super Saiyan
Goku Super Saiyajin Pictures, Images and Photos
Level Req: ?????

Half Demon
Able To Unite With Full Demon
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Level Req: ????


[8]Trail Enforcer-

[1]Game Owner-MasterKey210

[2]Game Co-Owner-Trenton50 or as Plantman



[5]High Concli-

[6]Staff Council-

[7]Master Enforcer-

[8]Trail Enforcer-

The rules are simple for example no disrespecting the gm's

[1]Rule-No disreapecting the gm's

[2]Rule-There's no sewering at all even gm's the be high trouble for you

[3]Rule-No afk training at all

[4]Rule-No cheats downloads at all of course you cheater's out there

There are more rule's also and there's other language can be use


Trenton50: (Sep 13 2010, 2:17 pm)