Naruto The Final Battle

by Matt3151
Naruto The Final Battle
Naruto: The Final Battle 3.0 Coming Soon! [More]

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Version 3.0
Date added: Oct 15 2006
Last updated: Feb 9
Last played: Apr 12
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Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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Please use these forums for discussion of game and/or bug reports!

Notes: Please Read the Rules when you get inside the game, Also No, We do not give Rankers a Boost.

To get live updates as they are programmed follow us on twitter!/byondNTFB

Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT, ask for Admin or GM of any level.You will be muted,jailed or even Banned depending on who gives the punishment.

Credits/Former Staff:

XzDog- For releasing Naruto Izou and allowing us grow from what were humble beginnings, to where we are now

NeoAce - For granting us not only use of his original icons in Izou, but finding and contacting me to allow us to use more updated versions

Branks - Original Izou Icon Artist

Malkortia - Original Izou Icon Artist

UlquiorraSchiffer4/Hydra - Submitting Icons

Reddeye - Submitting Icons

Silent0killa/Daniil - Submitting Icons

Treak - Submitting Icons

Ashley - Submitting Icons

FluffyKitten - Helping with Programming

About NTFB:
Naruto Izou was a game released unto BYOND around the year of 2004-05, and featured few villages and clans- But what was most liked about the Naruto Izou source was the Stat Point System which we have fixed and updated to our needs.

Eventually the project grew and we added more players and staff, Now We are looking at the server with an average around 60 players and 100 at peak hours
The only thing that is particularly left of Izou is very few of the turfs here and there

Wanna chat with other players, but the game is down?

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Pavilionf50: (Jan 6, 9:53 am)
Such a great game. Sucks its down all the time.Gook work on the new updates!
Zoblod: (Jan 5, 3:22 pm)
Did the game update?
FearXKitty: (Sep 27 2014, 5:48 pm)
hey guys new account new username but same old Judgement. I know I been gone a couple years but if my ntfb pals remember me add me. Also ,Matt I understand your super busy, believe it or not we ALL have personal lives. but lemme know if the games coming back or not. I miss it and all the other games suck lol. WAGA was the best damn hoshi.
Sasukeuke2012: (Sep 25 2014, 10:39 pm)
I want to play this game. the best con BYOND! :D
Zenaki2009: (Jul 14 2014, 9:53 pm)
Its Summer come on matt :( bring the game back or pass it on to another user that you trust to host </3