Marvel Heroes

by Mellow23
The original BYOND Marvel RP is back and better than ever! [More]

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Date added: Jul 19 2010
Last updated: Jun 9
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An Marvel RP game based on the comic book series. Features over hundreds of powers and customizations for you to create your very own character. Players can not only choose between humans and mutants but they they also become Asgardian, Cyborgs, Atlantian, Vampires, Demons, and Inhumans. Come in and meet our community

Thank you

Join groups like:
- The X-Men
- The Brotherhood
- The Avengers
- Weapon Plus (Weapon X)
- S.H.I.E.L.D (Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate)
- The Hellfire Club
- Hydra
- Or create your OWN CUSTOM group!

Some of our hundreds of powers include
- Telekinesis
- Super Speed
- Teleportation
- Shapeshifting
- Phasing
- And hundreds more!

-Roam the city of New York
-Live in Genosha!
-Train in an underwater base

There is so much you can do.
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